Hiring a Hall or Community Centre

We operate 16 halls and community centres across Port Stephens, which vary in size and the facilities available.

The majority of our halls and community centres are managed by volunteers who do a wonderful job ensuring these facilities are run efficiently and meet the needs of the broader community.

These volunteers – combined with hall hirers leaving the hall in a clean and tidy condition – allows us to keep the hiring charges of our community halls as low as possible.

Want to be involved in the care and management of your local community hall? Get in touch with the relevant contact officer or contact us.

Hiring a Community Hall

Bookings: All bookings and enquires for our halls and community centres must be made directly to the hall contact officer. See the hall and community centre booking officers list to book.

General enquiries: If you have a general enquiry about our halls and community centres, you can contact us on 4988 0100 or email facilitybookings@portstephens.nsw.gov.au

Community Facility Hire

To ensure our community halls remain in good condition, hirers are asked to complete an Application for Facility Hire and abide by the Terms and Conditions of Facility Hire.

Security bonds

Hirers may be asked to pay a security bond (depending of event) prior to the hire date. This is fully refundable providing the Conditions of Hire are met and the hall is left clean and undamaged.

Hire fees and charges

Fees and charges vary depending on the size of the hall and facilities available. Some centres offer lower rates for regular hirers and non profit community organisations. Contact the hall contact officer for more information.

Management Committee's role

The majority of halls and community centres in Port Stephens are managed by a committee of Council. These committees are made up of volunteers who act on behalf of Council for the management of that facility, and have the delegation to ensure conditions are met. If the conditions are not met, Council has instructed the Committee to refuse permission for the use of the facility.

Hiring of tables, chairs and other hall assets for off-site use

For liability reasons, hall assets such as tables, chairs and kitchen equipment are not permitted to be taken and used off site by either committee members or the general public. Council and hirers may not be afforded coverage in the event that an injury occurs or that the equipment is lost, damaged or stolen. The hire of equipment for use within the facility is not affected.

Public Liability Insurance

The hire of the facility by an individual on a one off basis does not require public liability insurance. The following hirers must hold $20 million public liability insurance and noting the interests of Port Stephens Council:

  • regular hirers (hirers who use facilities more than 11 times per year in aggregate across all Council facilities)
  • sporting bodies
  • clubs
  • associations, corporations or incorporated bodies
  • hirers who use the facility for commercial or profit making purposes.

Volunteers Support Project Officer
Phone: 02 4988 0586
Email: volunteers@portstephens.nsw.gov.au