Beaches and foreshores

Port Stephens is home to some of the best beaches, foreshores and reserves in the country.

Boat ramps, public wharf and jetties

Port Stephens Council maintains number of public boat ramps, wharves and jetties for boat and fishing enthusiasts. See below for list by suburb.

Boat Harbour Boat Ramp
Boat Harbour Beach
1A Ocean Parade, Boat Harbour

Fingal Bay Boat Ramp (Closed - Christmas school holiday period)
Fingal Bay Foreshore Reserve
7 Marine Drive, Fingal Bay

Hinton Wharf
Hinton Foreshore
2A Paterson Street, Hinton

Karuah Boat Ramp
Memorial Park
1 Memorial Drive, Karuah

Longworth Park Wharf
Longworth Park
7 Barclay Street, Karuah

Lemon Tree Passage Boat Ramp
Henderson Park
54 Cook Parade, Lemon Tree Passage

Lemon Tree Passage Wharf
Henderson Park
54 Cook Parade, Lemon Tree Passage

Little Beach Boat Ramp
Little Beach Reserve
2 Lighthouse Road, Nelson Bay

Little Beach Jetty (Disabled access)
Little Beach Reserve
Victoria Parade and Beach Road, Nelson Bay

Nelson Bay Public Wharf
Nelson Bay Foreshore Reserve
56 Victoria Parade, Nelson Bay

Caswell Reserve Boat Ramp
Caswell Reserve
4 Bay Street, Mallabula

Mallabula Wharf
30 Mallabula Road, Mallabula

Fitzgerald Bridge Boat Ramp
Raymond Terrace side of Fitzgerald Bridge
Seaham Road, Raymond Terrace

Riverside Park Jetty
Riverside Park
2 Hunter Street, Raymond Terrace

Seaham Boat Ramp and Canoe Launch
Seaham side of Jimmy Scott Bridge
East Seaham Road, Seaham

Shoal Bay Boat Ramp
Shoal Bay Foreshore Reserve
1C Shoal Bay Road, Shoal Bay

Shoal Bay Wharf
Shoal Bay Foreshore Reserve
70A Shoal Bay Road, Shoal Bay

Salamander Bay Jetty
Wanda Beach Reserve
147A Soldiers Point Road, Soldiers Point

Soldiers Point Boat Ramp
Everitt Park
9 Mitchell Street, Soldiers Point

Wanda Beach Reserve Boat Ramp
Wanda Beach Reserve
147A Soldiers Point Road, Soldiers Point

Foster Park Boat Ramp
Foster Park
1A Peace Park, Tanilba Bay

Taylors Beach Boat Ramp
Taylors Beach Foreshore Reserve
36A Albert Street, Taylors Beach

Taylors Beach Jetty
36A Albert Street, Taylors Beach

Tomago Boat Ramp
Tomago Foreshore Reserve
543A Tomago Road, Tomago

Patrolled beaches

Port Stephens Council has 3 beaches patrolled by professional lifeguards from Australian Lifeguard Service and Surf Life Saving Club volunteers:

To find out more information regarding lifeguard times please contact:

Lifeguard Supervisor Phil Rock 0418 498 581

Water safety at the beach

It's important to be aware of the dangers and risks at the beach, as conditions can change suddenly. When swimming at Port Stephens beaches, please follow the lifeguards’ directions and obey the signs. It's also a good idea to follow our simple safety tips:

  • the safest place to swim at the beach is between the red and yellow flags
  • if you think conditions are too rough for you, don't go in
  • always swim with a friend, never alone.
  • for your safety, leave the water immediately when requested by a lifeguard
  • protect yourself from the sun — always wear a hat, sunglasses, a shirt and sunscreen