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Sensors detect the arrival, occupancy and departure of a vehicle in a car park and transmit this information to a nearby tower which then transmits the information to Smart Parking’s cloud-based platform. Data from each bay is relayed every few seconds, and links back to car park display signs showing number of bays available, and to apps showing real time status of parking bays.

There are plenty of parking options in Nelson Bay. Parking time limits are generally 2 or 4 hours for on street parking and 4 hours or more for off street parking.

New paid parking zones in the Nelson Bay town centre include Government Road, Church Street, Tomaree Street, Yacaaba Street and Victoria Parade. It also includes eastward extensions for the commercial areas of Magnus Street and Donald Street.

There are designated all day parking areas for employees of businesses within the Nelson Bay town centre using a business Park Free permit. These areas are identified by a blue line and include:

  • Donald Street East carpark
  • Government Road carpark
  • Yacaaba Street parking, from Donald Street intersection to Tomaree Street intersection
  • Victoria Parade parking, angle parking North-East of the roundabout adjacent to the dog on-lead exercise area (southern side of the road only)
  • The Bowling Club carpark.

Take a look at our map to see where to park and the time limits that apply.

The Smart Parking system is used by leading parking industry operators around the world. Sensors are set up to register changes in a bay’s status according to the advertised time limits, and the system is rigorously maintained through manual checks and remote testing. In the unusual event that an issue might affect the relay of real-time information, the system is fail-safe designed so that any affected sensor or tower does not register an overstay and infringements are not issued in error.

Yes. Smart parking meters still accept card and coin payment as well as the app. If paying by coin, you will need to pay the correct amount as change won’t be given. Once the maximum amount is received the machine will stop accepting coins.

No. Your ticket is your vehicle registration (number plate). When you pay via the parking meter or the app, you will enter your number plate and this will act as your ticket instead of a paper ticket.

No. Rangers use sensor data in combination with other relevant information, and issue infringement notices only after they have personally attended a vehicle and are satisfied that an infringement has occurred.

Yes – if parking in a car parking space.

No – if parking in a designated motorbike parking space.

Rangers have an app on their smart device with a map showing the real time status of sensor equipped parking bays. The map shows which bays are vacant, occupied, or occupied by a vehicle that has exceeded the time limit.

Permit permissions are always taken into account. Rangers personally attend to vehicles and consider relevant permits, such as for disability or residential parking, in assessing whether a vehicle is in breach of rules or has exceeded time restrictions before issuing an infringement notice.

Infringements are issued by rangers after they have attended the vehicle and taken into account all relevant information including sensor data and permits, and are satisfied that an infringement has occurred. The infringement notice will generally be placed on the vehicle windscreen however infringement notices can be posted in some cases.

Receipt, processing and review of fines is the responsibility of Revenue NSW. If you believe your infringement has been issued in error details on how to request a review of your penalty can be found on the infringement notice or online at Revenue NSW.

We have begun carrying out traffic and parking studies and community consultation to investigate installing smart parking at Birubi Point and Shoal Bay. Nelson Bay was chosen as the first smart parking location following the findings of the traffic and parking studies and the recommendations of the Independent Citizen Parking Panel.

More questions?

If you have a question or concern about Port Stephens Smart Parking that has not been answered here, contact us via Phone: (02) 4988 0255 or Lodge a Smart Parking Enquiry.