What can I do to keep Koalas safe?

Could your land be a safe space for koalas?

We are calling on landholders and community members who might be interested in partnering with Council to manage koalas and their habitats on private land. The type of land we are interested in includes lands such as small residential blocks to large agricultural parcels across Port Stephens.

Register to become a Landholder partner if you want to help our beautiful koalas.

What should I do if I see a Koala?

Report your Koala sightings with the ‘I Spy Koala’ app Data collected by the app is sent to the public database which helps land managers and scientists make informed decisions in our landscape. The knowledge and participation of our community are extremely valuable, contribute and become a citizen scientist today!

Report injured Koalas via the 24hr Koala Rescue Number – 1800 PS KOALAS (1800 775 625)

What can I do to help save our Koalas?

  • Report Koala sightings on the ‘I Spy Koala’ app
  • Keep dogs confined or restrained at night
  • Slow down and watch for Koalas crossing roads, particularly at night
  • Plant Koala food trees and avoid cutting down trees that may be home to and a food source for Koalas
  • Make fences Koala-friendly so Koalas can safely move in and out of each property
  • Report injured Koalas via the 24hr Koala Rescue Number – 1800 PS KOALAS (1800 775 625)
  • Volunteer at Port Stephens Koala Hospital

How to help Koalas in the heat?

A way to cope with very hot conditions is for a Koala to hug a tree. A tree trunk is cooler than the ambient temperature and this provides a significant cooling effect for the Koalas.

To help Koalas and other wildlife in the heat you can:

  • Leave out dishes or tubs of water - Keep it shallow or include twigs or rocks so animals can get in and out easily
  • Prepare an emergency kit to keep in your car including water, a blanket or towel, and a box
  • Save the 24hr Koala Rescue Number – 1800 PS KOALAS (1800 775 625) in your phone so that you can ring for advice
  • If you have a swimming pool, leave a flotation device attached to a secure rope so if a koala falls in they have something to help them climb out
  • If a Koala does not climb back up the tree and remains on the ground, please call the 24hr Koala Rescue Number – 1800 PS KOALAS (1800 775 625). Do not approach the Koala, attempt to capture it, or encourage it to climb a tree.

What's a Koala friendly fence?

One of the biggest problems Koalas face during their nightly movements is fencing. We can help assist Koalas by making sure our fences are Koala friendly.

Examples of Koala friendly fencing can be found here

Keep Koalas safe around dogs

Dogs can attack, seriously harm, and stress Koalas. Just a single dog bite can seriously injure or kill a Koala and signs of a bite may not be easily visible. Never allow your dog to interact or ‘play’ with a Koala and always keep your dog on a lead in areas where there may be Koalas.

View our dog parks webpage to find out where you can safely exercise your dog off lead.

How to manage your dog in Koala areas:

  • Keep dogs on leads in areas where there may be Koalas
  • Secure your dog in a garage or on a verandah at night when Koalas might enter your yard
  • Follow signs and warnings for designated wildlife and on-leash areas
  • Check trees on your property before allowing your dog to roam
  • Notify your neighbours and other dog walkers of Koala sightings in your area
  • Be mindful that Koalas spend more time on the ground moving between trees during mating season from September to February
  • Make fences Koala-friendly, or consider means of escape for Koalas or other wildlife which might become trapped

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