Standard drawings and technical documents

Here you will find Council's Standard Drawings for Construction Works.

Please be aware that the Standard Drawings may not reflect current design and construction practice and are provided as a guide only. The standard drawings are currently being reviewed and revised.

The Standard Drawings are to be read in conjunction with Councils Infrastructure Specifications and if there is potential conflict between Drawings and Specifications, the requirements in the Specifications take precedence.

Drawing No.Drawing TitleFile SizeIssue Date
D133Standard Infiltration Drainage System Type 2371.3 kBJanuary 2007
S83 Standard Footpath Allocations119.0 kBJanuary 2010
S114Treatment at End New Road Works123.1 kBSeptember 2003
S121Type A Intersection235.9 kBAugust 2003
S137 Erosion & Sediment Control Measures - Rural Area318.8 kBJune 1997
S143Erosion & Sediment Control Measures - Urban Area383.5 kBJune 1997
S144Kerb Ramp35.4 kBMay 2017
S145Minimum Access Improvements for Developments365.7 kBAugust 2003
S151Standard Footpath238.6 kBMay 2006
S152Standard Cycleway75.9 kBMay 2017
S155Bus Shelter Slab Layout - Cross Sections115.8 kBNovember 2013
S155ABus Stop Boarding180.2 kBFebruary 2015
S155B Bus Shelter Typical Drawing377.1 kBNovember 2018

Rain Garden - Clay Soils

Rain Garden - Sandy Soils

416.6 kB

410.4 kB

October 2019

October 2019

Technical Documents

Here you will find Technical Documents to assist in meeting Council requirements, along with supplementary documents and information.

TitleSizeIssue Date
Draft Basin Agreement Template405.6 KBMarch 2022
Fact Sheet: How to Lodge a Subdivision Certificate129.4 KBMarch 2023
Soil Infiltration Technical Information Sheet540 KBMay 2019
MUSIC Link Data and Zones1.4 MBSeptember 2011
MUSIC Modelling Rainfall Zones Figures (BMT WBM, 2011)386.1 kBAugust 2022
Stormwater Basin Risk Assessment and Mitigation - Technical Guideline1.3 MBJanuary 2024

If you require further information, please contact the Development Engineering Team.

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