Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management

The Port Stephens Council Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management  was developed throughout the 1990's, endorsed by Council in 2001, and approved by the Department of Planning in 2002. This plan of management helps Council manage community development and the conservation of Koalas in Port Stephens.


The Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management aims to communicate to the community koala conservation activities in Port Stephens, including:

  • identified koala habitats
  • threats posed to koalas
  • further koala conservation activities in the area.

There are 13 objectives outlined in the plan of management and these objectives are to be met with support from the community and key stakeholders.

Planning and Development

The Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management is used in the following ways:

  • planning process
  • providing guidance for strategic and development planning

Koala Habitat Map

Council has heard your suggestions and made it happen! A simplified interactive Koala Habitat map has recently been completed.

The consolidated map includes Council’s Koala Habitat maps into one layer called “Consolidated CKPoM Koala Habitat Map”. The data has been presented in different colours to identify what type of habitat you are looking at. The interactive map will allow ease of investigation alongside other development constraints, and the ability to zoom into parcels.

Click below map for more information.

Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management Map

Find out more about Koala Habitat Mapping in Port Stephens.

Key documents:

Port Stephens Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management (CKPoM) Steering Committee

The CKPoM Steering Committee was established in 2001 and is made of a number of representatives and organisations across the LGA who have an interest in, or manage Koalas and their habitat. The purpose of the CKPoM Steering Committee is to oversee the implementation of the Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management (CKPoM):

“…to encourage the proper conservation and management of areas of natural vegetation that provide habitat for koalas, to ensure permanent free-living populations over their present range and to reverse the current trend of population decline.”

The role of the CKPoM Steering Committee is to:

  • Implement the CKPoM and its Action Plan
  • Monitor the impact of implementing the CKPoM Action Plan
  • Advise Port Stephens Council on any further measures to protect and support the Port Stephens’ Koala population.

If you would like to contact the CKPoM Committee or provide any feedback or information please contact: