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Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management

The Port Stephens Council Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management  was developed throughout the 1990's, endorsed by Council in 2001, and approved by the Department of Planning in 2002. This plan of management helps Council manage community development and the conservation of Koalas in Port Stephens.


The Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management aims to communicate to the community koala conservation activities in Port Stephens, including:

  • identified koala habitats
  • threats posed to koalas
  • further koala conservation activities in the area.

There are 13 objectives outlined in the plan of management and these objectives are to be met with support from the community and key stakeholders.

Planning and Development

The Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management is used in the following ways:

  • planning process
  • providing guidance for strategic and development planning

Key documents: