Communication and Engagement Strategy

Our vision is to actively communicate and engage in a way that shares our stories, listens to our community, informs our future and improves the wellbeing of those that live, work and visit in Port Stephens.

As the closest level of government connected to the community, we have a key role in communicating and engaging with local residents.

Over the past few years, a fundamental shift has occurred in the approach to public sector communication and engagement. Our residents have increased expectation around access to information and a greater desire to engage in planning for their place.

We know that effective communication and engagement are directly linked to the liveability and wellbeing of our community. By listening to our community and providing genuine opportunities for engagement, we’ll create a greater sense of community ownership and ultimately, improve the delivery of Council services that are aligned to community needs.

Our Communication and Engagement Strategy has been developed to provide a framework for the delivery of transparent and timely communication and meaningful community engagement that builds trust and community participation in decision making for our place.

Useful documents: