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Visitor Parking

The NSW Government’s Park'nPay app makes finding and paying for parking easier. You can download it from your smart phone's app store. The benefits of the app include:

  • Pay for parking with your smart phone using the app — you'll receive a notification when your parking is about to expire to avoid fines
  • Keep track of your parking history and receipts
  • Look up the best place to find a park, all from the passenger seat!

  1. Download the NSW Government’s Park'nPay app
  2. Find where you want to park
  3. Set how long you want to park
  4. Enter your payment method
  5. Drive away when your time is up

  1. Enter your number plate
  2. Choose how long you want to park for
  3. Choose your payment method. Card and App payments are accepted at all meters. Please note, for your convenience some meters also accept coin payments.
  4. Drive away when your time is up

Other questions?

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