Current rates and charges

Your rates are charged dependent on the actual use of the property and the property's land value.

Revenue from rates help us provide the Port Stephens community with valued services like road maintenance, footpaths and cycleways, libraries and pools, community services for young people and seniors, and much more.

How much will my rates be?

In 2023–24, average rates increased by 9.5%. Each suburb may increase by more or less than the average mostly due to the three yearly revaluation of land for rating purposes by the NSW Valuer General as well as subdivision, consolidation and changes in land category and rateability.

What period do rates cover?

Rates are levied for each financial year from 1 July to 30 June and are payable quarterly.

Each property falls into one of 4 categories for rating purposes, dependent on the actual use of the property:

  • residential
  • farmland
  • mining
  • business

At any time, you may apply to Council to have your land category reviewed. The ratepayer must advise Council within 30 days if the circumstances of their land changes so as to cause it to change from one category to another.

If you are dissatisfied with Council's declaration of the category of your land after it has been reviewed, or the date the category of your land is to take effect, you may appeal to the Land and Environment Court within 30 days after the declaration is made under the Local Government Act 1993 (Section 526).

Williamtown Management Area

Sub-categories of the farmland and residential rates have been made for the Williamtown Management Area in parts of Williamtown, Salt Ash and Fullerton Cove. Specifically lower rates are made in the Williamtown Management Area Primary, Secondary and Broader Management zones.

The main residential and farmland category rates apply to all properties located elsewhere within the Port Stephens Local Government Area. The reason for the sub-categorisation is to provide financial assistance to residential and farmland ratepayers whose properties are included in the RAAF Base Williamtown per- and poly- fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination areas.

The land values assigned for rating purposes are supplied by the Valuer General's Office. These valuations are made every 3 years.

Any objections or appeals regarding the valuation of the land value must be directed to the Valuer General's Office. Whether or not an objection is pending, the rates levied must be paid by the due date indicated on the front of your rate notice.

CategoryBase amount $Ad Valorem c in $
  • Williamtown Primary Management Zone
  • Williamtown Secondary Management Zone
  • Williamtown Broader Management Zone
  • Residential
  • Williamtown Primary Management Zone
  • Williamtown Secondary Management Zone
  • Williamtown Broader Management Zone
  • Farmland

ChargeAmount $
Waste Management Charge115.00
Waste Service Charge (Domestic)520.00
Waste Service Charge (Commercial)520.00
Waste Service Charge — Additional Red Bin268.00
Waste Service Charge — Additional Yellow Bin178.00
Waste Service Charge — Additional Green Bin178.00

Waste management annual charges fund litter collection, street cleaning, clean up days, illegal dumping program, waste processing, waste disposal depot maintenance, waste education, administration and landfill rehabilitation.

Waste service annual charges fund kerbside collection, bulk waste collection, sorting, disposal service and recycling.

The Local Government Act requires these charges to be applied where the service is available including to vacant land. No reduction will be given for developed land where the service is not used.

Catchment ContributionLand Category Rate Applies toAd Valorem c in $
Hunter Local Land Services Catchment ContributionAll.01046

All properties within a defined area in the western half of the local government area (generally south and west of Salt Ash) are levied a catchment contribution by Council on behalf of Hunter Local Land Services. The contribution applies to all land with a land value over $300 within the catchment area. To find out more visit their website or call 1300 795 299.

The table below gives average land values (including strata lots) and 2023–24 rates by suburb for each applicable rate category.

Please note:

  • Figures exclude Waste Management Charge of $115 and Waste Service Charge of $520 per service.
  • Figures are before deducting eligible pensioner rebates.
 LocalityRate CategoryAverage Land Value% Change in Land ValueAverage Rates 2023 to 2024$ Change on previous year% Change on previous year
1Anna BayResidential544,28186%1,36812610.1%
3Boat HarbourResidential640,16380%1,5321107.7%
4Bobs FarmResidential557,00188%1,39013710.9%
5Brandy HillResidential638,46377%1,529936.5%
  Farmland 1,420,00086%2,86127410.6%
  Farmland 1,357,769111%2,75550722.6%
9Duns CreekResidential570,08386%1,41213010.1%
11East SeahamResidential761,363111%1,73829820.7%
  Business 816,33377%5,6943236.0%
12Fern BayResidential 461,87763%1,228181.5%
14Fingal BayResidential760,499110%1,73730221.0%
15Fishermans BayResidential1,123,647106%2,35634317.0%
16Fullerton CoveResidential508,60089%1,26613211.6%
17Glen OakResidential648,27997%1,54620014.9%
21Kings HillResidential3,394,40084%6,2255199.1%
22Lemon Tree PassageResidential367,34784%1,067949.7%
25Nelson BayResidential446,00292%1,20113212.3%
26Nelsons PlainsResidential764,206106%1,74327518.7%
27One MileResidential1,074,695121%2,27247426.4%
28OsterleyResidential   627,90684%1,5111329.6%
  Farmland  1,286,222127%2,63360529.8%
29Oyster CoveResidential  438,57190%1,18812511.8%
  Farmland  585,75089%1,43914611.3%
30Port StephensResidential415,00065%1,148222.0%
31Raymond TerraceResidential 262,52262%888222.5%
  Business  523,64749%4,331-144-3.2%
32Salamander BayResidential  631,91593%1,51817513.0%
33Salt AshResidential  451,195100%1,10414815.5%
35Shoal BayResidential477,48587%1,25512210.8%
  Business  376,14866%3,6431233.5%
36Soldiers PointResidential  729,148100%1,68323216.0%
  Business  719,30753%5,242-205-3.8%
37Swan BayResidential400,32285%1,1231009.8%
38Tanilba BayResidential  380,62774%1,090595.7%
  Business  393,67970%3,7251644.6%
39Taylors BeachResidential743,50762%1,708-10-0.6%
  Business  247,364169%3,04353521.3%
40TomagoResidential  529,380104%1,34319717.2%
  Farmland  654,16794%1,55618613.6%
  Business  1,348,637106%8,1741,32419.3%
41Twelve Mile CreekResidential  649,429102%1,54822316.8%
  Business  602,50071%4,6981753.9%
42WallalongResidential  535,36489%1,35313711.3%
  Farmland  1,346,000115%2,73553824.5%
  Business  425,67581%3,8742868.0%
43WilliamtownResidential  454,307101%1,02713815.5%
  Farmland  690,742102%1,24317516.4%
45Whole AreaResidential476,14084%1,2501099.5%