Building in a road reserve

Any land between the property boundary and the road is identified by Council as a road reserve. Road reserves are Council land and any works that fall within it must be approved by Council before commencement.

Building in a road reserve may include:

  • Road opening, access, under-boring or any disturbance to the road or road reserve surface.
  • Footpath occupation by such items as cranes, hoarding, skip bins, etc.
  • Footpath, private utilities, landscape works, ramps, pipes, connections to roads
  • Connection of stormwater drainage to the kerb and gutter or to Councils stormwater infrastructure.
  • Connection of proposed public roads to existing roads.
  • Permanent balconies and awnings, overhead crossings, encroachments by car parking spaces and posts.
  • Installation or construction of private utility to a public utility.
  • Driveway construction or removal.

How to undertake work in a road reserve

Download the Works on Public Infrastructure (roads and drainage) Application Form.

You will need to submit all relevant documentation with the application, even if previously assessed under a DA or other application. This will ensure our processing times are efficient with no unnecessary holdups.

Send completed application form and all necessary supporting documentation to:

  • Email:
  • Mail: PO Box 42, Raymond Terrace, NSW 2324
  • In person: Council Administration Building at 116 Adelaide Street, Raymond Terrace, NSW 2324

Ensure your application is addressed to Development Engineering Team.

Fees will be calculated based on Council's fees and charges and will depend on proposed works included in the plans. Applicants can submit a proposal of works and a plan to receive a quote before lodgement.

An invoice for the application will be issued and must be paid before the assessment can begin.

Developer works in progress:

These are current developer works being undertaken:

Additional information:

  • Processing time is approximately 21 business days from formal lodgment to approval.
  • Make sure to submit all documentation relevant to the application, even if previously assessed under a DA or other application.
  • Any information not submitted or addressed adequately at the time of lodgment may result in further information requests, additional fees, and subsequent delays of approval.