Anna Bay Strategy and Town Plan

Anna Bay Strategy and Town Plan

The Anna Bay Strategy and Town Plan guides the management of future population growth and the building of neighbourhoods in Anna Bay. It establishes a context and policy direction for future rezoning requests and development controls in the Anna Bay area. It also integrates the location, timing and funding for community facilities and infrastructure.

The Anna Bay Strategy and Town Plan was adopted by Council on the 16 December 2008. The Strategy contains a number of Strategic Directions, relating to both land use and recreation and community facilities, that will be implemented to achieve the vision for Anna Bay.

The vision for Anna Bay is;

a small and vibrant town offering a mix of dwelling types and business opportunities and a quality natural environment. It will have a pleasant main street with a mix of retail and office space for local and visitor patronage, and shop top housing or tourist accommodation.

Strategic Directions: Land Use

  • Low Density Residential land use will be facilitated by single dwellings on lot sizes from 400-700m2 and smaller lots where frontage is provided to a park or reserve area.
  • Medium Density Residential land use will be facilitated by villas and townhouses with a minimum area per dwelling of 300m2 and concentrated around commercial uses or community facilities.
  • Environmental Living will be facilitated by single dwellings with lot at least 1,000m2 to reduce impacts on koala movement corridors and other environmentally sensitive locations.

  • Expansion of the existing commercial area to maintain its prominence as the local centre for commercial activity in Anna Bay.
  • A new small neighbourhood centre in Anna Bay East to provide a range of small-scale retail, business and community uses.

  • Light industrial uses will be encouraged at the western entrance of Anna Bay to provide employment opportunities and encourage redevelopment of the town centre for commercial and residential purposes.

  • Cleared land north of the sand ridge should remain in agricultural use with the exception of a small number of key wildlife corridors that should be placed into conservation and revegetated.

  • Land identified for conservation, including land identified as flood prone or comprising significant vegetation, is unsuitable for residential development and shall be conserved and revegetated over the long term.
  • The northern sand ridge forms a scenic backdrop to the town and also has environmental value and should therefore be protected.

Strategic Directions: Recreation and Community Facilities

  • Pursue opportunities to provide additional multipurpose community space within close proximity to the town centre
  • Locate an additional skate park in the area or enlarge the existing facility at Shelley Beach
  • Continue revegetation and landscape works at Shelley Beach skate park and playground
  • Include interpretation of Aboriginal heritage in landscape works along the coastline
  • Upgrade the reserve at the end of Ocean Avenue
  • Provide a new picnic and interpretation area at the ocean vantage point at the end of Morna Point Road that is easily legible and accessible.

  • Provide three new local parks located within easy walking distance of new dwellings.

  • Provide pedestrian connections between community places including improvements between the main street, the foreshore and Surf Club.

  • Investigate the provision of an alternative car park to cater for tourist buses and 4WD operators accessing the dunes to remove heavy vehicle traffic from James Paterson Street.
  • Provide air and water facilities in the vicinity of the four-wheel drive access road to service the large volume of 4WD vehicles accessing the dunes.

  • Provide additional parking via a mixture of on street and at the rear of commercial premises.
  • Encourage rear lane access to commercial properties to improve traffic flow and streetscape.
  • Ensure future commercial developments incorporate off-street parking.