Seed library

Our Seed Library is just like a traditional library, but for seeds. Borrow seeds from our library, harvest them in your garden and then share some from your yield for others to grow.  The seed collection reflects both seasonality and the diversity of donations, with different seed varieties available at different times. Make sure you visit regularly to see what is available for  you to grow!

Contact the library to find out what seed varieties are currently available for loan.

How do I get involved?

It's simple — borrow and grow, then harvest and share.


The Seed Library is free for all library members, from beginners to those with a green thumb!

Seeds can be borrowed from Tomaree Library, Raymond Terrace Library and the Mobile Library. If you aren't already a library member it is free to join.

Grow, then harvest and share

After growing in your garden, harvest and return seeds for others to borrow.

Bring your dried seeds to the library in your own bag. One of our library team members will take your donated seeds and repackage them for sharing.

If you aren’t able to bring a crop to seed, we accept donations of heirloom seeds. Heirloom seeds are seeds from plants that have been passed down over several generations or growing seasons.

The Seed Library is built on the foundation of sharing and the generosity of donations, so the reciprocal nature of the collection will allow for it to be self-sustaining.

Tips for growing seeds

We recommend watching the following short videos from Gardening Australia to help you on your seed growing and sharing journey:

Useful information and resources

Australian Native Plant Society website

For more information and resources, download our Seed Library brochure (PDF 750 KB).