Agritourism in Port Stephens

Agritourism is a key sector in the development of Port Stephens as a destination, and there are a range of resources available for property owners looking to unlock new opportunities.

The Hinterland Place Plan (HPP), endorsed by Council on 14 November 2023, identifies agritourism as an economic opportunity for the area:

Changes to planning laws have made it easier for locals to diversify their rural businesses and increase income. If you’re interested in exploring these types of options, it’s a good idea to check in with Council.

Council will provide guidance on what activities are allowed on your land and discuss the possibility of converting unused sheds, cottages, or other structures into accommodation.

two horses with a silo in the background

Australian Regional Tourism

In October 2022, Australian Regional Tourism (ART) launched the Agritourism 2030 Strategy, following which they released an Agritourism Action Plan and associated toolkit for farmers. Click this link to view the available resources.

Policy information

If you are having trouble wrapping your head around the new agritourism policy, the new Agritourism Policy information sheet aims to clarify the changes.

Destination NSW

Destination NSW Supports the agritourism sector and has created a new look corporate website that features a handy guide to creating and upscaling agritourism experiences.

Setting up an Agritourism business

Learn more about planning changes, things you can do on your farm, case studies, and FAQs.

Where to go for help

For advice on how to establish and/or grow your business, please email Martin McKenzie from The Business Centre. They offer free, expert business advice and can be a great help, particularly with marketing, finances, and more.

For free general advice on which activities are allowed on your land and to discuss the possibility of converting unused sheds, cottages, or other structures into accommodation, please contact Council’s Duty Counter between 8:30am and 5pm daily (in person or by phone 4988 0255).