Our cemeteries are peaceful places for interment and quiet remembrance of your loved ones.

Provision of burial plots and niches in our  Columbarium Walls/Gardens can be purchased in advance or for immediate use.

Purchasing a plot

Burial plots can be purchased for immediate or future (reservation) use at:


  • reservation price is for the burial plot only
  • two interments (burials) can be made in the one plot
  • the application and payment is processed and a Right of Burial Certificate sent to the applicant to keep with personal papers
  • speak with the Port Stephens Council Cemetery Officer for a Cemetery Burial Application form and terms and conditions.

Immediate Use:

  • an application for immediate use is usually completed directly through the Funeral Director
  • the location of available plots, details of previous interments and reservations are verified with the Cemetery Officer
  • the Applicant/Grantee holds the exclusive right of burial for the deceased
  • a site visit by the family to the cemetery location, to choose the burial position often gives a sense of place
  • Council fees include the price of plot (if not already reserved) and interment fee
  • the Funeral Director sends the completed paperwork and payment directly to Council after the funeral
  • the Grantee is sent the Right of Burial Certificate
  • speak with the Port Stephens Council Cemetery Officer for a Cemetery Burial Application form and terms and conditions.

How to purchase a plot?

Contact Port Stephens Council Cemetery Officer to select plot, review availability and get appropriate application forms.


Application forms:

View Cemetery under the 'Community Services' section in our Fees and Charges.

Send application forms and payments to the Port Stephens Council Cemetery Officer:

PO Box 42, Raymond Terrace NSW 2324


Cemetery requirements

The following requirements are to be followed at all cemeteries:

  • headstones and kerbing can only be installed by Council approved monumental mason
  • flowers may only be placed in the containers that form part of the monument or in approved Council flower containers placed adjacent to the cross or headstone
  • the placing of glass containers, vases or jars inside the cemetery bounds is prohibited
  • the planting of trees and shrubs on or around the grave is prohibited.


Council's responsibilities:

  • will only grant a monumental permit with the consent of the grantee of the right of burial
  • will not be liable for the future care, maintenance, preservation, conservation or restoration of the construction (headstone and surrounds) erected or placed over the grave
  • must have a type and design approved by Council and installed by a monumental mason who has obtained a monumental permit approval
  • contact a reputable monumental mason for a quote and specification on headstone
  • all works to meet monumental and headstone in cemeteries (1994) AS4204 and the Port Stephens policy

Columbarium Wall and Gardens

The grantee shall ensure no monument; memorial, inscription or token plant, floral tribute, containers or such like shall be erected or placed on or within the Columbarium Wall and Garden or surrounds without Council's written consent.

Council's responsibilities:

  • will maintain, preserve and repair Columbarium Walls and Gardens
  • will ensure that no monuments shall be erected on the Columbarium Walls or Gardens other than the flat bronze plaques of the style and design allowed
  • reserves the right to realign or alter the position of niches or other memorials at its own discretion
  • will not be liable for the repair, maintenance, upkeep or preservation of any plaque or item placed in a Columbarium Wall or Garden
  • may remove and/or dispose of any unauthorised monument, memorial etc without reference to any person bottom of form.