Volunteer resources

Volunteers, in conjunction with their coordinators, may complete the below form to make resource requests directly to the Volunteers Support Officer.

Environmental Volunteer Resource Request Form

Please explore further down this page for additional resources applicable to existing volunteers.

All council officials are accountable under the Code. The Code defines “council officials” as a Councillor, including the Mayor, the General Manager, council staff, contractors, delegates of council (including volunteers) and administrators.

Download: Port Stephens Council Code of Conduct (PDF 433 KB)

This form is a sign on/sign off form and is used to maintain a record of working bee  activities, participants and work time and is necessary for volunteer insurance. Please complete these at the start and end of each working bee. These forms will be collected by the Volunteers Support Officer.

Download: Daily Attendance Form – Volunteer Activity (PDF 78 KB)

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and Specific Worksite Assessment and Toolbox (SWAT) Forms keep our volunteers and environment safe. It is essential all volunteers operating on Council land understand the risks of each activity and are equipped with the knowledge to practice risk management techniques. SWMS are to be completed for broader tasks and projects, while SWATs are a daily safety check in to be undertaken at the start of each working bee. For any works that are outside the scope of these pre-completed SWMS, please contact the Volunteers Support Officer. Forms are to be completed prior to a project or activity commencing, and sent to the Volunteers Support Officer. Only volunteers directly inducted by a Council Responsible Officer are able to induct other volunteers to the site.


This form is used to record the environmental impact of your working bees from areas weeded to species targeted. An environmental works record should be completed at the end of each working bee, within 48 hours, and provide as much detail as possible. Please note, this form is not design to record individual volunteer hours – it contributes to the overall record of environmental works completed by the group and goes towards an annual allocation of contractors to your site.

View: Environmental Works Record (Online Form)

The following activities are not permitted to be undertaken by volunteers (unless prior approval is given):

  • confined space entry
  • excavation, penetration and trenching
  • use of chainsaws
  • use of plant machinery
  • work on electrical equipment and tools
  • work on ladders or at heights
  • tree branch removal
  • unapproved clearing
  • burn-offs
  • chemical handling (unless a volunteer has received approval for chemical use)

All hazards, incidents, near misses and injuries must be submitted to a Council Responsible Officer within 24 hours of the incident happening via the 'risk incident/hazard report book'. Serious incidents and hazards and hazards are to be submitted immediately.

If after hours, this is to be reported by calling Council on 4988 0255 or email council@portstephens.nsw.gov.au

The Volunteer WHS Handbook has more information.

This form is for Council registered environmental volunteer groups who provide assistance with the bush regeneration, habitat improvement, weeding activities and maintenance of local parks and reserves to request resources.

View: Environmental Volunteer Resource Request Form

Contact Us

Your Volunteers Support Officer is Kate Mannell.

Please contact environmentalvolunteers@portstephens.nsw.gov.au or 4988 0517 for any enquiries.