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Dinghy, kayak and canoe storage

If you store your dinghy, kayak or canoe on a council reserve, you need to register it with Port Stephens Council.

What is a dinghy, kayak or canoe?

DinghyA dinghy is a single hulled or multi hulled vessel to a maximum of 3 metres.
Kayak and canoeA single hilled vessel up to a maximum of 5 metres.

Water vessels which do not fit the dinghy, kayak or canoe definition cannot be registered and therefore cannot be stored on our foreshores.

Unauthorised vessels include:

  • sailboard
  • jetski
  • any vessel over 3m in length (except a canoe or kayak)
  • medium/large trailable vessel
  • trailer sailer/sailboat fitted with mast
  • catamaran
  • work punt or pontoon
  • rowing skull.

Council rangers will remove unregistered, unauthorised and abandoned water vessels from Council managed foreshore reserves

To enquire about an impounded vessel, call 02 4988 0255.

You can only store registered canoes and kayaks in the designated location at the following reserves:

  • Dutchmans Beach, Nelson Bay
  • Tanilba Park, Tanilba Bay
  • Foster Park, Tanilba Bay
  • Peace Park, Tanilba Bay

How to register a dinghy, kayak or canoe:

Register a dinghy, kayak or canoe using the Foreshore Vessel Storage Registration Permit Application form. Please note, in line with Council's Fees and Charges, a Foreshore Vessel Storage Permit fee is required to complete the submission of your application.