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Financial hardship

Financial assistance for paying rates

If you are experiencing financial hardship, we may be able to help by:

  • allowing some extra time to pay
  • arranging smaller regular payments such as fortnightly direct debit
  • deferring payment of rates for aged pensioners against the property estate.

Daily interest applies to extensions of time to pay and repayment arrangements. Simple interest only applies. For significant financial hardship, assistance may be available under our Rates Assistance Program.

Council has partnered with some financial counselling services to provide ratepayers experiencing financial hardship with access to limited financial assistance. Assistance of up to $250 may be available to individuals or families who do not already receive a Council pensioner rate concession. Contact one of the following services for further assistance:

Port Stephens Family and Neighbourhood Services

Tomaree Neighbourhood Centre

Samaritans Foundation

  • Beth Hanna, Samaritans Emergency Relief Co-ordinator Ph 4922 1531
  • 32 Brunker Road Broadmeadow
  • Graham Smith, Samaritans Financial Counsellor Ph 4922 1509
  • 34 Brunker Road Broadmeadow

To contact Council about your situation, you can:


We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has financially impacted many people and businesses in our community. In our response, we have made our existing financial hardship measures easier to access for ratepayers, commercial tenants, community tenants and holiday can owners.