Raymond Terrace Art Space

Raymond Terrace Art Space, situated within Raymond Terrace Library, provides a free exhibition space for artists showcasing varied mediums. The Art Space is managed by Port Stephens Council volunteers and is open to the public during library opening hours.

Contact Art Space
  • Raymond Terrace Library, 18A Sturgeon St, Raymond Terrace 2324 NSW
  • 02 4988 0111
  • Expressions of interest to exhibit should be emailed to Art Space

Current and upcoming exhibitions

‘Community’ by Suzie West
1 June to 27 June 2024

Suzie West is an impressionist and expressionist portrait artist residing in Port Stephens. Working in charcoal and oil paints, Suzie seeks interesting faces and individuals with a story.

Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud and Proud
29 June to 25 July 2024

The Raymond Terrace Art Space is celebrating the month of NAIDOC. We recognise the incredible work of the Indigenous artists of our community and are excited to share their work. Their connection to country, culture, history, and future is explored through their creative works. This month's exhibit includes; Zona Kelly, Debra Jackson, Zoe Bettini, and Pricilla (Cill) Lawlor.

Previous exhibitions

‘Bejewelling Shakespeare’s Women’ by Tessa Morrison

Tessa Morrison’s background is in art history, critical research, design and jewellery.  Bringing together the critical analysis of text with the translation and design of ideas into images through jewellery, Tessa’s exhibition ‘Bejewelling Shakespeare’s Women’ encompasses a critical analysis of the text of 16 of Shakespeare’s plays, and the transference of ideas and imagery from the text into bespoke jewellery.

‘Moments in Time’ by Helen Fenner

The moments in time captured inside us are the past seen through the lens of the present. This dictates what we see for our future and is sometimes hard to overcome if that future is not what we want. Our moments in life are filled with the great and the terrible. My art gave me an outlet to work through some of my hardest moments, as I worked through my grief of what is, what could have been, and what I lost. My husband's stroke changed everything, not only for me. It is amazing, heartening, and terrifying what life gives us to work through. We dream of futures and move towards these goals and milestones. Curves happen in life; how we move through them is our present and the future changes as we live it and that is not a bad thing, just life.

On The Road in India

An exhibition of Fine Art, Landscape and Documentary photographs by Christopher John.

This is Christopher’s in depth exploration of Southeast India, specifically, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh States, during December 2022. He was predominantly based in a Christian Orphanage in a small rural village.

Given the opportunity to reside with locals allowed Christopher to immerse himself in the customs and lived experiences of the people of rural Indian villages.

Whilst some of the people presented in this exhibition have posed for Christopher’s camera, most are candid with many captured whilst sitting as a passenger and being driven through rural India.- His photographic documentary is literally taken ‘on the road’.
The Why? by The Learning Terrace

This exhibition explores the rationale of The Learning Terrace and illustrates how research in Italy by Reggio Emelia has directed the pedagogical approach in fostering creativity and promoting joyful interactions.  It explores the idea of a child’s right to access a variety of expressive mediums to explore and unpack ideas, concepts and their own thinking.

Hunter Valley, Newcastle & Port Stephens Homeschool Artists

A children’s exhibition of works from Newcastle, Port Stephens and Maitland homeschooling community. A collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures from preschool to graduating students to celebrate their achievements in art.

Creative Connections

Raymond Terrace Art and Craft group meets weekly and has become a place of community connection. Whether it’s painting, drawing, knitting or a variety of other art and craft activities. The passion in shared creativity keeps us turning up each Tuesday morning.

Many of our members use their time and talents to benefit a number of local charities. This exhibition was an opportunity for us to showcase and sell our work.

We hope you might be inspired to come and join us!
Raymond Terrace Art and Craft group meet each Tuesday morning, 9am - 12:30pm at the Senior Citizens and Community Hall in Boomerang Park; Irrawang St, Raymond Terrace.

For purchasing enquiries contact Jo Gamer on 0412 871 798 or jgamer@tpg.com.au

Once a Fishing Village by Jacqueline Cook

Modern macrame and macraweave wall hangings exploring the history and origins of the Port Stephens area and the strong connection locals have always had with the sea. This is an exhibition about connection to community and the origins of place.

The visual sea and boating references are evident in this body of work. The artist has incorporated driftwood, shells, and other items foraged from nature, and used nautical ropes and knots evocative of the sea.

The project was conceived in Anna Bay during the first Covid lockdown in 2021 when the artist began to experience a strong connection to her community, becoming aware of its history and origins.

The Art of Chinese Brush Painting by Stephen Cassettari

An exponent of the art of Chinese Painting since 1979, Stephen is a full-time artist, writer and teacher of Chinese brush painting.

Stephen produces screens, murals, a range of hand painted cards & posters, books and a yearly calendar featuring his poetry and paintings. His focus tends towards; birds, flowers, landscape, animals and Australian flora and fauna.

For enquiries about this exhibition visit www.stephencassettari.com

Depictions of Country

Peter Kafer, Zona Kelly and Morgan Kafer, have come together to showcase works of Country. All works are "depictions of different facets of our country" by artists of the Saltwater and Freshwater Peoples.

Coasters and teapot stands in cabinet.

Peter Kafer is the contact for sale information for all artists showing in this exhibition.

Contact details: Peter Kafer Ph: 4987 5758 or email: kafer.peter@gmail.com

'Folded Awareness' by Lettice Jay Gamer

This exhibition is a collection of origami and folded paper works influenced by the style of Modular Origami.

Origami can be a form of mindfulness, requiring focusing on one thing in the present moment and bringing awareness to thoughts.  Each work reflects something that has helped the artist practice mindfulness and create awareness of self.

For enquiries about this exhibition contact Jo Gamer at jgamer@tpg.com.au

'In Stitches' by Wendy Nutt

A collection of miniature quilts depicting each letter of the alphabet. A one year project designed within a set of parameters using black and/or white and coloured fabrics with a series of sketches to represent a letter.

Each of the works is an individual quilt, pieced, layered and bound as with most quilts, and then mounted onto an art canvas.

Many people have the perception of a quilt made with neatly pieced squares and generally, the end purpose of laying on a bed. Contemporary art quilts are far from this, with many quilts now recognised as prized pieces of art. With this small exhibition, the aim is to provoke the thoughts of the viewers for them to see beyond the tradition of a bed quilt.

'Where, When, Who' by Raymond Terrace & District Historical Society Ltd

A display relating to early settlement of Raymond Terrace and surrounds. In 1821 Governor Macquarie visited the area for the third time and stopped at “Hollow Tree” and again at Nelson’s Plains where a government cottage had been built. “Hollow Tree” appears to have been a convict timber getter’s camp. The first land grant in the Raymond Terrace area was 1822 and Raymond Terrace was gazetted as a town in 1837.

'The Collection' by Linda Camac

A collection works created utilising; acrylics, graphite, colour pencil and water colours. Linda’s work spans a multitude of subjects, drawing the eye with detailed realism.

For purchasing or commission enquiries please contact Linda Camac on 0421 371 903.

Hunter Valley, Newcastle & Port Stephens Homeschool Artists

This is a children’s exhibition of works from Newcastle, Port Stephens and Maitland homeschooling community. A collection of paintings, drawings and sculpture from preschool to graduating students to celebrate their achievements in art.

'Splash of Colour' by Sam Zok

"I want art to not be intimidating for the viewer. As a result a lot of my paintings are a little bit quirky and a lot of fun. I enjoy experimenting with the possibilities of paint and as a result I haven't really settled on any one style or subject matter. I hope you find something in my collection that brings you some joy and makes you smile." - Sam Zok

'The beauty in minutiae' by Kate Wilkie

Landscapes, flora and fauna inspire local artist Kate Wilkie, whose exhibition features paintings, prints, collages, photographs of the stunning Central Australia Larapinta landscape and real cicada wing jewellery in gold, nickel and copper.

'Knots of Love, Bree' by Bree-Anna Latham

Using natural materials such as cotton, wooden beads, shells and driftwood and taking elements from the world around us Bree-Anna weaves them into unique works of art.

'The Finer Detail' by Henrietta Mooney and Julie Jackson

The exhibition title The Finer Detail refers to the detailed research required to create a scientifically accurate illustration or painting. Henrietta Mooney and Julie Jackson are botanical illustrators, and their collection of works explores the local plant species and forest types of the Port Stephens area, and the wider Hunter region. This exhibition will take you behind the scenes as a demonstration of the scientific and illustration techniques used to complete a finished work of art. The exhibition will include examples of flower dissections, Herbarium specimens, and drawings from the microscope, as well as detailed completed artworks.

'Koori Colours Art Gallery' by Jason Russell

An established Worimi Nation Aboriginal artist, Jason has completed works for local council, been commissioned for both commercial and residential murals, and sold under his business name, Koori Colours Art Gallery.

This collection is bright and colourful, playing with the colours in the coral and the blues of the ocean. Bringing attention to these environments and marine life, starting a conversation about how we keep these beautiful uncontaminated areas alive and thriving for thousands of more years into the future.

Jason paints his country in a special way to show others how he sees this beautiful land and water through contemporary aboriginal art.

'Brighten Up Your Life' by Juls DeAth

Juls is a local artist whose inspiration is drawn from moments in life, nature, and meditation. Her paintings are full of vibrant colours, fun and joy to brighten up the world we live in and raise the spirits of all who look at her art. Juls embraces her very unique style of painting, using bright colours, stencils, freehand drawing, tracing and many layers of painted

'Vistas of Port Stephens' by Jess Dawes

Featuring stunning landscapes, interspersed with botanical and abstracted floral work, this exhibition is delightfully serene.  Paintings and sketches by Jess Dawes, a local emerging artist, bring Port Stephens to life through watercolour, acrylic and mixed media. This body of work provides a fresh, contemporary interpretation of our local landscape.

'Love of life, of water' by Christine M Wellham

A love of water and it's inhabitants, above and below, in all climates expressed through oils and acrylics.  Inspired by the Antarctic, Christine M Wellham has developed a diverse collection to capture the beauty of left and dramatic Arctic landscape.

'The things I love' by Kylee Evison

The pieces for the exhibition are paintings created from various media including modelling paste, acrylic, pencils, pastels and
gold leaf.  Kylee experiments with texture and acrylic water colours on canvas and paper.

'A Yearning. A Knowing. A Belonging.' by Astare Braaksma

Astare Braaksma is an upcoming artist inspired by Women’s rites, connections and country.  Every stroke of paint signifies who she is and what she is learning on country.  The exhibition includes a mixture of works in different mediums ranging from paintings, printmaking, ceramics, drawings and etchings. These artworks reflect a journey of learning towards finding identity.

'A Brush With Nature' by Linda Camac

The artist explores a change of style and medium. Some works are traditional while others veer toward the whimsical. These works are explorations of naive stylism using different artistic textures.

'Dogs and Cats and Birds and Fleas' by Chrissy McYoung

In celebration of all things isolation, Chrissy has used the 2021 lockdowns to find and share inspiration and joy through her art.  Many of the works are a collaboration between Chrissy and her facebook following (Hairy Phish) - with each dog/car having an owner. The past year has been an exploration in complex illustration, creating a multitude of ‘Wheres Wally’ style works.
Each work is created digitally and printed on high quality bond paper.

'A Piece of Art for Everyone' by Sam Zok

With a background in art education, Sam Zok has been painting consistently for 20 years — experimenting with acrylic paint, enjoying exploring the world of fluid art and the 'dirty pour'.

'The Works of John' by John Darling

John Darling is a former loss adjuster. The nature of his work found him travelling through land ravaged by storms, time and other natural disasters. John didn't see destruction but inspiration. His paintings often reflected the landscapes he so loved.

Evgeniya Hockley

An oil portrait painting of ex-MP Tim Owen, created for Archibald's Portrait Competition 2020 by Evgeniya Hockley. The artwork is in the style of pointillism. Pointillism is the placement of dots of two distinct colours that optically blend to create a third colour. The portrait was completed over a 6 month period.

'Between Here and Gone' by Linda Camac

A broad range of eclectic subjects - moments in time that fired the artist in me, capturing a small slice of life in our local area
and other areas in the Hunter valley using watercolour, graphite, colour pencil and aquarelle.

'Knots of Love, Bree'

Knots of Love, Bree, is a small, locally run macrame business born out of a love of fiber arts during 2020.  Using natural materials such as cotton, wooden beads, shells and driftwood, taking elements from the world around us and weaving them into unique works of art.

'Children's Book Illustrations' by Ileana Clarke

An exhibition of illustrations by Ileana Clarke featured in a series of children's books by John 'Stinker' Clarke.

'Images of Port Stephens' by Tilligerry Art Group

This TAG exhibition showcased local artists with a focus on the local environment.

'Slow Down Intersect' by Leesa Maree - Temple Lah

An exhibition of works by artist, art therapist and self published author, Leesa Maree — Temple Lah.