Driveway construction

Apply to construct a driveway

Start your online driveway construction application.

Are you building a new driveway or modifying your existing one?

You'll need to apply for a permit to ensure it meets safety and accessibility standards. A Development Application only covers the portion of the driveway within your property. This permit applies to the section of the driveway from your property line to the road.

Property owners are responsible for:

  • the cost and standard of construction and maintenance of your driveway, including any modification to the kerb and gutter.
  • ensuring any work done on your driveway crossover complies with Council standards, and any contractor you use is aware of the requirements.

How do you get a permit?

Fill out the Driveway Application form online.

When we receive your application, one of our Officers will visit your property to assess the location.

A straightforward approval usually takes 2 working days. You'll receive relevant standard drawings and any specific requirements for your driveway to provide to your contractor.

Once approved, you can begin construction.

Contact us for a final inspection upon completion.

We’ll confirm if your driveway meets standards. If not, we’ll outline the necessary adjustments.

Hints and tips

What surface materials are allowed?

Any non-slip finish is acceptable, including concrete, paving, sealed bitumen, and some pebblecrete varieties.

Do I need a layback?

Yes, where your driveway meets a vertical face kerb. Rollover kerbs are acceptable. Laybacks must be lipless to comply with disability access regulations.

How much will it cost?

The cost can be found in Council's Fees and Charges under Engineering.

Avoid damage during construction

Heavy machinery, builders, and deliveries can damage public pathways, gutters, and curbs during construction.

You’re responsible for repairing any damage caused to Council property by your project. Unfixed damage delays the provision of your Final Occupancy Certificate.