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Parking Permits

Port Stephens Council provides Port Stephens property owners and residents with parking permits for paid parking areas. These are digital permits managed online through the permit portal

There are various types of Smart Parking Permits for different user streams. These streams are currently for:

  • Residents
  • Non-Resident Ratepayers
  • Employees of Businesses within the declared Smart Parking Scheme

The purpose of the Scheme is to provide flexible and equitable access to public parking. Smart Parking Permits are an important part of the overall Scheme and allow the identification of an authorised vehicle to occupy a paid parking space within the Scheme area without payment or any interaction with the parking meters.

All signposted parking restrictions still apply (unless specified otherwise). Holding a Smart Parking Permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space to the holder.

Park Free Permit Portal

If you're a resident or ratepayer of Port Stephens, or you work at a business in the Nelson Bay town centre, you can now sign up to park for free in Nelson Bay. You can also change your details via the portal.

Types of permits and eligibility

This permit is for owner occupiers and residential tenants.

To be eligible for a Residential Parking Permit the applicant must permanently reside at a property within the Port Stephens Local Government Area (LGA) and each vehicle nominated must also be registered at a street address within the LGA. A limit of 5 Residential Parking Permits per property applies

This permit is for property owners not living in Port Stephens and landlords.

To be eligible for a Non-Resident Ratepayer Smart Parking Permit the applicant must be a property owner of a rateable property within the Port Stephens LGA and reside outside the LGA. A limit of 2 Smart Parking Permits per property applies.

To be eligible for a Business Parking Permit the applicant’s Business must be permanently located within the Scheme area. The business entities are the applicants for this stream, not the individual. Businesses may be asked to validate the number of employees with a cap of 50, depending on the size of the business

  • Vehicle registration plates must be current and clearly visible at all times
  • A valid Parking Permit exempts a vehicle from parking fees
  • Time based parking restrictions still apply where signposted
  • Permits do not provide any right to park a vehicle contrary to the Australia Road Rules (e.g. parking in a Disabled parking space without a Disability Parking Permit; parking in Loading Zones, Bus Zones and No Stopping areas)
  • In the event of relocation to another residence, disposal of the vehicle or any change to the licence plates, Council must be notified within 7 days by the permit holder
  • Vehicle parking must conform to the Scheme’s Purpose of fair and equitable parking
  • It is the responsibility of the permit holder to renew their Permit
  • A Smart Parking Scheme Permit may be revoked by Council should there be any breach of these conditions
  • Council may withdraw/cancel Permits at its sole discretion

Where can I park?

There are designated all day parking areas for employees of businesses within the Nelson Bay town centre using a business Park Free permit. These areas are identified by a blue line and include:

  • Donald Street East carpark
  • Government Road carpark
  • Yacaaba Street parking, from Donald Street intersection to Tomaree Street intersection
  • Victoria Parade parking, angle parking North-East of the roundabout adjacent to the dog on-lead exercise area (southern side of the road only)
  • The Bowling Club carpark.

Where Smart Parking Permits are not available

Smart Parking Permits are not available for:

  • Trailer or caravan
  • Vehicle or vehicle combination that exceeds 5.5 meters in length
  • Unregistered vehicle
  • Vehicle Registered outside of NSW

Limited exemptions may apply to the eligibility criteria above for unusual circumstances and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Other questions?

Can't find what you're looking for here? Visit our Smart Parking FAQs page for more details.