Sports fields status

Clubs must assess the fields using the Work, Health and Safety Checklist (PDF 117 KB) prior to play.

Council determines oval closures Monday to Friday. Sporting clubs can reopen fields on a weekend if the conditions have improved — as long as the grounds are safe for play and play will not damage the field surface.

Please check with your local sporting association to find out about weekend closures.

Please ensure club training is undertaken in dry areas of the playing surface on the fields that are currently open.

In wet weather, the field status will be updated after 2:30pm.

Sports FieldStatusDate Modified
Bill Strong OvalOPEN12/7/24 13:27
Boomerang Park No.1CLOSED5/7/24 13:15
Boomerang Park No.2CLOSED5/7/24 13:15
Bowthorne Park No.1CLOSED1/7/24 10:40
Bowthorne Park No.2CLOSED27/6/24 13:47
Boyd Oval No.1OPEN11/7/24 12:08
Boyd Oval No.2OPEN11/7/24 12:08
Brandon Park OvalOPEN10/7/24 13:15
Don Waring (Tomaree Sports Complex No.6)OPEN12/7/24 13:24
Dick Burwell Oval (Tomaree Sports Complex No.7)OPEN11/7/24 15:16
Ferodale OvalOPEN10/7/24 13:09
Fingal Bay OvalOPEN12/7/24 13:24
Karuah Lionel Morten OvalCLOSED2/7/24 11:38
Kindlebark OvalOPEN11/7/24 7:51
King Park Sports Complex No.1CLOSED1/7/24 10:19
King Park Sports Complex No.2CLOSED1/7/24 10:19
King Park Sports Complex No.3CLOSED8/7/24 10:44
King Park Sports Complex No.4 AOPEN8/7/24 10:44
King Park Sports Complex No.4 BOPEN8/7/24 10:44
King Park Sports Complex No.5OPEN11/7/24 12:46
Korora Oval (Old Salamander) No.1OPEN12/7/24 13:28
Lakeside Sports Complex No.1OPEN10/7/24 12:34
Lakeside Sports Complex No.2OPEN4/7/24 13:28
Lakeside Sports Complex No.3OPEN5/7/24 13:14
Lakeside Sports Complex No.4CLOSED11/7/24 12:52
Lakeside Sports Complex No.5CLOSED11/7/24 12:52
Mallabula AthleticsOPEN2/7/24 13:32
Mallabula RugbyOPEN2/7/24 13:32
Mallabula Soccer No.1OPEN10/7/24 11:57
Mallabula Soccer No.2OPEN11/7/24 12:08
Mallabula Soccer No.3OPEN11/7/24 12:46
Mallabula Soccer No.4OPEN10/7/24 11:57
Salamander Sports Complex No.1CLOSED12/7/24 13:24
Salamander Sports Complex No.2OPEN12/7/24 13:29
Salamander Sports Complex No.3OPEN12/7/24 13:29
Salamander Sports Complex Hockey No.4OPEN12/7/24 13:29
Salamander Sports Complex Hockey No.5OPEN12/7/24 13:24
Seaham Park OvalCLOSED2/7/24 11:36
Stuart Park OvalCLOSED1/7/24 10:40
Tomaree Match Field 1 (Tomaree Sports Complex) No.1CLOSED12/7/24 13:25
Tomaree Sports Complex No.2OPEN12/7/24 13:25
Tomaree Sports Complex No.3OPEN12/7/24 13:25
Tomaree Sports Complex No.4OPEN12/7/24 13:25
Tomaree Sports Complex No.5OPEN12/7/24 13:25
Vi BarnettCLOSED19/6/24 13:54
Yulong Oval No.1CLOSED26/6/24 11:50
Yulong Oval No.2CLOSED26/6/24 11:50
Yulong Oval No.3CLOSED11/7/24 12:08