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Pioneer Hill Historical Cemetery

Located on the edge of Boomerang Park, this cemetery has been classified as a historic site.

The oldest headstone dates back to 1840 but the site was not dedicated as a burial ground until 1863.

The cemetery was originally divided into 4 denominations:

  • Anglican/Presbyterian — eastern section beside the current golf course
  • Catholic — northern end of the western side
  • Methodist — southern boundary on the western side

There are many examples in this cemetery of ornate headstones and inscriptions, which give an insight into the history of the local area. Like most historic cemeteries, there are many unmarked graves and headstones in varying states of repair.

If you would like more information about the burial records in this cemetery please contact us.

Information regarding the cemetery, family history and the history of Raymond Terrace can be obtained from The Raymond Terrace and District Historical Society.