Wallalong Skate Park

The Wallalong Skate Park is a fantastic facility which attracts users from all around the local area and was constructed in 2014. It has a great skate bowl and street components plus sheltered seating.

This skateboard park is located next to Bowthorne Park, on Morpeth Street Wallalong.

The Wallalong Skate Park features a 1.8m deep bowl and the following components:

  • 2 x 400 High flat banks
  • 600mm High Curved Taco Ramp
  • 150 High curved face ledge cast-in metal edge to exposed faces
  • 1200 High ¼ Pipe and 1000 high ¼ pipe
  • 300 High manual pad
  • Euro gap
  • 300 wide flat ledge
  • 100x50 RHS Slide Rail

Safety equipment should be worn by all users including:

  • helmet;
  • elbow and knee pads;
  • wrist guards;
  • protective clothing.

Please note - all risk will be assumed by users of this facility.