Yacaaba Artwalk

Yacaaba Artwalk

Yacaaba Walk of Art is an ongoing place activation initiative that supports artists to display artwork in an outdoor environment for the whole community to enjoy and experience in Nelson Bay. The program aims to:

  • inspire the community’s imagination, allowing them to engage with arts and culture beyond the confines of a museum or gallery
  • enhance Nelson Bay’s beautiful environment and create a vibrant, eye catching display as part of the waterfront of Nelson Bay.
  • reinforce the unique identity and picturesque environment of Nelson Bay
  • provide a highly visible platform for creative expression and development.

If you would like to learn more about Yacaaba Walk of Art or to discuss your ideas and questions, Please contact us on 4988 0255 or email us at publicart@portstephens.nsw.gov.au

Current artists are all art students from Tomaree High School and through their creative skills, they have capture on paper their idea of life in Nelson Bay.

To locate these pieces of art head to the corner of Yacaaba and Magnus Street, Nelson Bay.

Artist: Alannah Sylvester

This work was inspired by the sea life around the coastal regions of Port Stephens. Imagery used reflects the marine life of the natural environment. This painting in acrylic is of stingrays often seen around the coastal areas of Port Stephens. As a resident of the area for 14 years I have always loved and been inspired by the beach area surrounding Birubi Beach . My observation and contemplation of marine life resulted in the sighting of stingrays in the shallows swimming uninterrupted free and untouched.


Artist: Laura O'Donnell

I chose to use the Kookaburra as the subject of my work as it symbolises the beauty we see here in Port Stephens as each new day starts. In my work the image of the Kookaburra watching the sunrise, surveying his land like a farmer would survey their fields reflects peace and tranquility. The natural environment we are so lucky to enjoy every day in Port Stephens is a blessing which I have depicted with the image of the kookaburra at the beginning of a new day.


Artist: Chelsea Johnson

I like to walk or run of a morning up Mt. Tomaree. The feeling of tranquility shown by way of an aerial view of the scene is what I have tried to capture in my artwork. I have portrayed a typical scene from Mt . Tomaree and used the light source reflecting off the water to create beautiful hues of blue and green. I have lived in Port Stephens for six years and in that time have been inspired by the natural surrounds as subject matter for my artworks.

Tomaree Headland

Artist: Ashley Markham

It is a great privilege to live in a community as beautiful as Port Stephens. To be surrounded by natural sites and pristine areas. I have resided in the area for several years and my artwork is a reflection of images to recapture audience memories from the area. The beach culture and that of water activities in general have been showcased in my artwork through the use of imagery typical of life experiences had by people in the area.

Beach, Dolphin, Whale, Surfer