Terrace reflections

Terrace Reflections

Terrace reflections is an ongoing place activation initiative that supports artists to display artwork in an outdoor environment for the whole community to enjoy and experience in Raymond Terrace. The program aims to:

  • inspire the community’s imagination, allowing them to engage with arts and culture beyond the confines of a museum or gallery
  • enhance Nelson Bay’s beautiful environment and create a vibrant, eye catching display as part of the waterfront of Nelson Bay.
  • reinforce the unique identity and picturesque environment of Nelson Bay
  • provide a highly visible platform for creative expression and development.

If you would like to learn more about Terrace reflections or to discuss your ideas and questions, Please contact us on 4988 0255 or email us at publicart@portstephens.nsw.gov.au

Current artists are all art students from Hunter River High School and through their creative skills, they have capture on paper their idea of life and culture in Raymond Terrace.

To locate these pieces of art, head to the Best & Less Shop, corner of William and Sturgeon Street, Raymond Terrace.

Artist: Leilani Nanai

This painting is my interpretation of the Raymond Terrace Rotunda. I chose to paint the rotunda because it holds historical value in Raymond Terrace and has meaning to many people in Raymond Terrace.

Leilani Nanai

Artist: Myles Considine

This painting is representing the beautiful river, bridge and boat races that happen every year. I chose to do the river because it’s part of Raymond terrace and is a wonderful feature that should displayed as a painting around the town.

Myles Considine

Artist: Lily Kennedy

This painting is my interpretation of Jacaranda Avenue. I decided to paint Jacaranda Avenue as it is a local landmark in Raymond Terrace, and it holds great historical value to our town and local community.

Lily Kennedy

Artist: Claire Whitter

This artwork depicts Australian after school culture, the journey to and from school. This visual triggers nostalgic memories through the boy’s expression who is being terrorised by the vicious magpie.

Claire Whitter

Artist: Stanley Emanuel

My artwork is about my depiction of Raymond Terrace during 1955. I was inspired by my idea of a much simpler time and how the town has changed.

Stanley Emanuel

Artist: Nicolas Vannavong

My artwork “Among Us” is a park in Raymond Terrace depicting youth culture and Aboriginal culture, with the water as the Aboriginal flag. This artwork is to show how youth and culture can be connected.

Nicolas Vannavong

Artist: Dustin Moylan

I was inspired Raymond Terrace Skate Park. I wanted to create a picture that is full of action that represents my town.

Dustin Moylan