There's a popular belief that living in Port Stephens keeps you young! Our beautiful natural environment and public facilities provide a powerful motivation to get outdoors, exercise and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Technically speaking though, we have an ageing population. The Port Stephens Wellbeing Strategy outlines how we can continue to achieve positive and practical outcomes for our ageing population and it is used to inform our Delivery Program.

'Better With Age' directory

The 'Better with Age' directory is a directory full of services and things to do to increase community connection in the seniors population, and features four stories from seniors in the Port Stephens community that contribute to the community in a variety of ways. 'Better With Age' instils a sense of wonder regarding the diverse nature of our community to encourage seniors to get out and enjoy life to improve wellbeing.


  • Mind over matter
  • Local Legend: Aunty Margo Beaven
  • Local Legend: Cheryl Turner
  • Discover your own backyard
  • Well beings
  • Local Legend: George Proskowiec
  • Full Cycle - Take a Hike
  • Local Legend: Dave Sams

For more information on how Port Stephens supports older people in the community, visit the Community Directory or the Wellbeing Strategy (which is currently on Public Exhibition until 25 February 2024)

Library activities

We have a range of activities for seniors at our libraries, including movies, book discussion groups and special events. Find out more about what's on at your library.

Mobility parking

There are a number of Disability Parking spaces available in the Port Stephens area.

A Mobility Permit Holder can park in spaces marked with a symbol for people with disabilities. The permit also provides parking concessions in other spaces if a marked space is unavailable:

  • where parking is limited by a sign to more than 30 minutes, Mobility Permit Holders can park for an unlimited time
  • where parking is limited by a sign to 30 minutes, Mobility Permit Holders can park for 2 hours
  • where parking is limited by a sign to less than 30 minutes, Mobility Permit Holders can park for a maximum of 30 minutes
  • at a 'No Parking' sign, Mobility Permit Holders may park for up to 5 minutes — the driver must remain in the vehicle or within 3 metres of the vehicle to drop off or pick up passengers or goods
  • when parking in metered or ticketed parking areas operated by Council, no charge is applied — charges may apply in privately operated parking areas.

Mobility parking permits are coordinated through your doctor and Service NSW

Wheel Out, Wheel In bin service

Port Stephens Council and Suez provide a Wheel Out, Wheel In bin service for elderly or sick residents who require assistance.

To take advantage of this service:

  1. Ask your doctor to provide a letter outlining your need for the service.
  2. Return the letter to Council, along with the signed indemnity form which grants access to their property for the collection contractor and indemnifies from loss, damage or injury.
  3. Once received, the collection contractor will inspect the property to ensure ease of access for the driver.
  4. You will be notified of the outcome. If approved, a blue dot sticker is applied to the bins so they are easily identified by the driver.