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The Integrated Plans comprises the Community Strategic Plan, Council's Delivery Program and Operational Plan. To meet our community’s objectives, long term resourcing strategies are required.

What is the Plan's purpose?

The Community Strategic Plan sets out the longer term vision of where our community wants to go.

  • Identify community aspirations and priorities over the next ten years
  • Outline Council’s role in delivering these priorities
  • Work with other governments and agencies to achieve our community’s priorities
  • Provide for community participation in decision making
  • Provide a basis of accountability and consistency in reporting

How do we get there?

The Delivery Program sets out our objectives for the next 3 years to assist in achieving the Community Strategic Plan Key Directions. We report on the Delivery Program every six months.

The Operational Plans include actions that we will undertake to implement the Delivery Program, which area of Council is responsible for implementing each action and what we deliver. Operational Plans are annual with budgets and include fees and charges.

Current Integrated Plans

These comprise the Community Strategic Plan 2018 - 2028, the Delivery Program 2018 - 2021 and the Operational Plans 2019 - 2021.

How will Council resource it?

Plans that are not properly resourced won’t necessarily work. To meet the community’s objectives, long term resourcing strategies are required. These consist of:

  • Long Term Financial Plan - outlines how we will deliver the objectives and strategies expressed in the Community Strategic Plan, by ensuring the objectives of the IP&R framework are matched by appropriate resources.
  • Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) - provides a framework to help us manage current and future Council assets so that appropriate services are effectively delivered to the community now and in the future. Legislation requires that the SAMP is for a minimum 10 year period and that it is reviewed and rolled over annually. This asset base includes traditional asset infrastructure such as roads, footpaths, buildings and drainage as well as assets which are unique to coastal councils such as seawalls, surf clubs, lifeguard towers, wharves and jetties.
  • Workforce Plan - ensures that there are sufficient resources available in the right place, at the right time, with the right skills to deliver on the community’s vision and aspirations for their place and community.
  • Fees and charges - Council charges and recovers approved fees for any services it provides as contained within its schedule of fees and charges.

Council is not the only source of funds for programs. Council funds are used to seed or match a range of other funding sources such as developer contributions, commercial profits and government grants. These additional funds are not guaranteed.

Resource Strategy 2019 - 2029

How do we know when we have succeeded?

Council deploys six key measures to record its performance against targets. Targets for each of these measures are determined annually and are listed in the Delivery Program. The measures are:

  1. Service delivery
  2. Customer satisfaction
  3. Employee engagement
  4. Governance
  5. Risk management
  6. Financial sustainability

Reporting on performance

Council regularly reports on its performance to ensure the community is informed of Council’s operations and is able to track our progress and achievements in meeting the community’s priorities.

Council uses a variety of reporting documents, including: