Our Place

Port Stephens is a livable place supporting local economic growth.

Holiday Parks

Council is one of the major tourtist accommodation providers in Port Stephens. Our Holiday Parks unit is responsible  for the operation and management of 5 award-winning properties.

Our Holiday Parks provide a diversified revenue base for Council which contributes to improvements within the Port Stephens Crown Land estate, which in turn lessens the reliance on rate income to provide services and improvements.

Strategic Property

Council owns a broad range of investment properties that provide an alternative revenue stream, reducing reliance on rates.

Strategic Property comprises:

  • Commercial investments — includes acquiring and disposing of land and buildings, detailed records and more.
  • Facilities management — includes managing property investment portfolio, community leasing and other assets.
  • Statutory property — includes the acquisition of interests in land, road and reserve naming, road closures and Crown Land issues.

Economic Development and Tourism

We play a key role in building economic capacity by shaping a business enabling environment to enhance competitiveness, job creation and incomes for the benefit of all.

A key part of our Economic Development and Tourism Strategy is to attract events that drive economic benefit. Over the past 5 years, we have built a strong reputation as a regional events destination. Events are well recognised as drivers of tourism, trade and investment opportunities, and are a key way Council can support the local economy outside the traditional peak periods.