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Search our current vacancies to find your next career with PSC.  When you've found your perfect fit, get to know our recruitment process and make sure you've read our tips and tricks, so you're ready to ace your interview.

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The process

Now that you’ve found the job you need, here’s what to expect during your recruitment journey.

You have found the job you are looking for, and we know you are excited to apply, so let’s make sure you have got everything ready before you start! Review the position description (PD), and create a standout resume. From there, upload your resume and answer some questions as part of your application.

You have reviewed the position description, updated your resume and completed your cover letter — it’s time to apply!

  • Head to our recruitment portal and click on the position you are applying for.
  • You will be asked to submit your contact details — triple check these as this is how we will contact you with updates on your application.
  • Upload your resume and cover letter.
  • Complete the selection criteria — these are based on the capability framework. They help us to understand how you respond to certain situations in the workplace. Try to provide specific examples of when you have done what the criteria is asking. We highly recommend writing and saving your answers in a document before uploading them.
  • Click submit!

You will receive an email to confirm your application has been submitted. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us on 02 4988 0123 or email

Because some of our roles attract such a high number of amazing applicants we use group assessments as a chance to meet between 10 – 30 of you before we progress you to an individual interview.

Next, you will be invited for an interview either in person or virtual. We will tell you more about us and what to expect and ask you questions that relate to capabilities that are critical to the role you are interested in. Don’t forget, this is your chance to make sure we are the right fit for you too!

From here, the preferred candidate will be asked to complete some pre-employment checks and a pre-employment medical.

We will conduct employment reference checks with 2 of your referees. Your referees should be people you have reported to in recent roles.

We are ready to give you a formal job offer! We will work with you to find the right start date and start connecting you with your new team.

Tips and tricks

Want to know more? Read our frequently asked questions, or get in touch.

  • Review the position description and make sure you’re across the role and you meet the selection criteria.
  • Complete the selection criteria, which help us understand how you respond to certain situations in the workplace.
  • Try to provide specific examples of when you've done what the criteria is asking.

  • Your resume isn’t simply a list of your job history – it’s your opportunity to sell yourself.
  • Make it brief, clear and consistent
  • Show your personality through the design
  • Only include necessary information
  • Avoid writing in the first or third person
  • Triple-check spelling and grammar
  • Be professional
  • Include important details like your email and phone number.

  • Do your research to find out as much as you can about the company and the job field
  • Practice answering questions using the STAR method – write down your experience and examples and speak them out loud
  • Confirm all the interview details beforehand, such as timing and location.

  • Use the STAR method to help avoid buzzwords and fillers like um, ah and slang. Impress your interviewer by telling your story
  • Use ‘I’ instead of ‘we’ to demonstrate the part you played and how you took ownership
  • Dress the part so you’re looking sharp and professional
  • Be honest, enthusiastic and passionate about your abilities – why are you the best fit?
  • Be aware of body language, maintain eye contact and keep arms/legs uncrossed
  • Ask questions! This is your change to decide if we’re the right employer for you.

  • We'll share the next steps and when you'll receive feedback on your interview and if you'll be progressing to the next stage of the process
  • Make sure your referees are aware you’ve provided us with their contact information and that they're comfortable to act as your referee
  • Spend some time reflecting on what you think went well and what you'd try differently next time.