Illuminate Raymond Terrace rescheduled for fun-filled Winter celebration

Friday 31 June 2024

Originally scheduled for this Saturday, Illuminate Raymond Terrace has been rescheduled due to predicted rain.

Mark your calendars for the new date: Saturday 15 June

Port Stephens Council made this decision with the community's enjoyment and accessibility in mind. Forecasts predict a large rain front for the original date, potentially impacting key attractions like the lantern parade, fireworks, and lighting displays. Additionally, heavy rain would make navigating the event site challenging, especially for those with accessibility needs.

By postponing, Council ensures a smooth event experience for everyone. This proactive approach also allows for maximum reinvestment of funds into a spectacular showcase in the future.

Get ready for a vibrant winter celebration! Illuminate Raymond Terrace promises a dazzling night filled with light installations, community spirit, and unforgettable entertainment.

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