Boomerang Park dog off-leash area closed due to motorbike damage

This week, we’ve discovered further vandalism at the Boomerang Park off-leash dog area in Raymond Terrace and motorbikes appear to be responsible for the damage.

Following previous incidents, barriers were installed to prevent vehicles from entering the park. Unfortunately, these barriers haven't deterred motorbikes.

The park is a valuable community asset, and this behavior is disrespectful to all who use it. The damage caused by motorbikes is not only costly for Council and ratepayers to repair, but it also significantly impacts park users, including dog owners and their furry companions.

The Raymond Terrace Police Station has been notified, and we urge anyone who witnessed the vandalism to come forward with information. You can contact the station directly at 4983 7599.

Unfortunately, due to recent weather conditions, repairs cannot be undertaken until the park dries out completely and the full extent of the damage is assessed. As a result, the park will remain closed until further notice. We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.