Victoria Parade pedestrian footbridge banner image

Victoria Parade pedestrian footbridge works

2 May 2022

Temporary removal of the Victoria Parade pedestrian bridge has occurred to enable
inspection and maintenance works to be carried out.

The works have been scheduled based on a previous engineering assessment, which identified the need for further testing. In order to conduct the testing required, the bridge needs to be removed. This work has been scheduled outside the peak holiday period. The following information provides some detail around the phased approach for these works.

Phase 1: Removal

Removal of the Victoria Parade pedestrian bridge commenced on 27 April 2022. In order to remove the bridge, two 100 Tonne cranes were required. These cranes lifted the bridge off and placed it onto a truck for transport to Nelson Bay depot. This bridge will be placed on temporary steel supports at the rear of the Nelson Bay depot, and will remain in this location until all inspection and maintenance works have been completed.

Phase 2: Inspections

Both the bridge and support structure will undergo inspections to identify the necessary maintenance works required. During inspection of the support structure, Victoria Parade between Stockton and
Yacaaba Street will be restricted and traffic management in place. This allows Council’s contractors safe access to the support structure. The bridge will undergo an engineering inspection at the Nelson Bay Depot.

Phase 3: Maintenance

Following the engineering inspections, Council will undertake the recommended maintenance to ensure the bridge can continue to provide access for pedestrians into the future. The extent of maintenance required is currently unknown and Council will continue to keep the community updated as information becomes available.

Phase 4: Reinstatement

Once all maintenance works have been completed, the bridge will be transported and lifted back onto the support structure at Victoria Parade. Council will schedule this work to commence at night minimising any impact to traffic and pedestrians. A date for the reinstatement has not been determined at this stage, however, Council anticipates that the overall project will take between 8 to 12 weeks depending on weather conditions, engineering assessment and extent of maintenance required. Council will keep the community and businesses updated as the project progresses.