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Nelson Towers, Nelson Bay

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Removal of the remaining support structures from the pedestrian bridge on Nelson Towers

April  2024



$400k PSC funding 100

Project description

This stage of work will involve the removal of the remaining concrete supporting structure of the Victoria Parade Footbridge located on the first level of the Nelson Towers complex.

Council will endeavour to ensure property access will not be impacted while works are underway, however, there may be periods of restricted access during the project. All residents will be notified should amended parking options be deployed. We appreciate your patience and don't hesitate to ask for assistance from site personnel if required.

All work will be carried out by qualified contractors, who will ensure that the safety of themselves and the public is of the highest priority. The work schedule is also dependent on weather conditions.

Authorised traffic controllers will manage the site during work and warning signs will be left in place until the site condition is safe.

Nelson Towers - Stage 3 works

The removal of the bridge is consistent with the longer-term vision of the Nelson Bay town centre as described in the Nelson Bay Public Domain Plan adopted in 2019. The rectification works will be undertaken using Infrastructure Contributions from developers.

As part of our maintenance program, structural issues were identified in early 2022 and the bridge was removed in April 2022 for further assessment. The examination of the bridge outlined extensive improvements would be required to meet current building codes and ensure the safety of pedestrians and traffic. The costs associated with those repairs were significant and based on the assessment, would only be a short-term fix.

Phase 1 – Removal

The pedestrian bridge was removed in April 2022.

Phase 2 – Engineering Inspection

Both the bridge and support structure have been inspected and removed indefinitely.

Phase 3 – Demolition

Demolition of the bridge access within Apex Park side was completed in late 2022.

We'll be working on removing the remaining support structure on the shop side (Nelson Towers) and advise once approvals are in place.

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