Nelson Bay Smart Parking

Nelson Bay Smart Parking

In 2020 smart parking was introduced to Nelson Bay CBD and has recently extended to include Little Beach. Smart parking is designed to improve the turn-over of parking spaces to create more equitable access to parking. Smart parking also provides a revenue stream to support local infastructure projects.

The existing resident and business Park Free Permit Scheme currently used in Nelson Bay will be extended to include paid parking at Little Beach. Similarly, parking guidance and payment apps will be extended to the Little Beach area as shown below.

All revenue generated from Smart Parking is reinvested into local projects. Smart Parking Infrastructure Plans are developed in partnership with the community to identify how the funds will be spent.

Revenue from Little Beach Smart Parking will help to fund projects in the Nelson Bay precinct.

Little Beach Smart Parking Map

Nelson Bay Precinct Smart Parking Infrastructure Projects

Installation of parking meters along Nelson Bay Foreshore. This is scheduled for completion in 2023/2024.

Pavement marking on Magnus, Yaccaba and Stockton Streets, Nelson Bay. This is scheduled for completion in 2023/2024.

Car park formalisation to Ngioka car park, Little Beach. This is scheduled for completion in 2023/2024.

Installation of wayfinding signage and controls along Nelson Bay Foreshore and in Nelson Bay Town Centre.

Rehabilitation to the Main  car park on Teramby Road, Nelson Bay. This is scheduled for completion in 2025/2026.

Path and access upgrades to occur to the Fly Point dive site access.

Stage 1 of the car park reconstruction at Little Beach boat ramp car park. This is scheduled for 2026/2027.

This includes the public domain upgrades as outlined in the Nelson Bay Public Domain Plan.