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Form nameOnlinePDF
Anti-Barking Collar Loan Agreement Form *
Cat Trap Loan Agreement Form *
Dog Noise Diary - DN1 Statement *
Lifetime Registration Form (NSW Companion Animal)* 
Change of Owner Details Form (NSW Companion Animal) *
Change of Address Notice Form (NSW Companion Animal) *
Annual Permit Form (NSW Companion Animal) *


Form nameOnlinePDF
Cemetery Burial Application *
Cemetery Columbarium Wall and Garden Niche Application *

Children's Services

Form nameOnlinePDF
Anaphylaxis Epipen Action Plan *
Asthma Action Plan *
MBASC Enrolment Form *
Medowie OOSH Change of Booking Form *
Pre-School Medication Authorisation Application Form *
RTBASC Enrolment Form *
Seaham Enrolment Form *

Consent forms

Form nameOnlinePDF
Digital-Images Consent Form Multiple *
Digital-Images Consent Form Single *
Owners Consent *

Development, Building and Compliance

Form nameOnlinePDF
Appointment of Council as Principal Certifier and Contract for Certification Work* 
Application to Release Vary or Modify a restriction on Use of land or Positive Covenant *
Approval to Operate a Manufactured Home Estate, Caravan Park or Camping Ground *
Book a Building Inspection* 
Building Information Certificate* 
DA Physical Commencement Form* 
Development Application form Part B only - Owner Signatures *
Development Engineering Inspection Form* 
Dwelling Entitlement Form* 
Fire Safety Certificate Application Form (for Occupation Certificate)* 
Fire Safety Statement (Annual) Application Form  
Flooding Certificate Request Form* 
Installation of a Manufactured Home on Private Land Application* 
Installation of Relocatable Home, Annexe or Associated Structure Notice of Completion *
On-site Sewage Management (OSMS) - Site, Soil, System & Environmental Assessment Report Application Form *
On-site Sewage Management (OSMS) - Waste Treatment Device or Human Waste Storage Application Form *
On-site Sewage Management (Pre-Purchase) Application Form *
Political Donations and Gift Disclosure Declaration Form *
Prelodgement Meeting Request - Development Applications* 
Request Vary Development Standard Form (November 2017) *
Statement of Environmental - Minor Commercial Development - Interactive *
Statement of Environmental Effects - Residential - Interactive *
Statement of Environmental Effects - Signage - Interactive *
Statement of Environmental Effects Guide *
Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance Application Form* 
Swimming Pool or Spa Pool - Public Use Notification *
Urban Design Panel Review Request* 

Events and Economic Development

Form nameOnlinePDF
Bizlink Registration Form* 
Application for Licence to stage an Event *
Application to hold Wedding or Ceremony* 

Facility booking

Form nameOnlinePDF
Application for Facility Hire - Halls and Community Centres* 
Application for Facility Hire - Sporting Facilities* 
Terms and Conditions of Facility Hire - 20 Oct 2021 *

Governance / GIPA

Form nameOnlinePDF
Access (HRIPA & PPIPA) Request Application Form* 
Access to Information - GIPA - Formal Access Application Form* 
Access to Information - GIPA - Informal Access Request form* 
Internal Review Form* 
Plan Request Form* 
Property Development Enquiry Form* 
Public Access Application Form *
Request for Compensation Form* 

Grants and Award Nominations

Form nameOnlinePDF
Aboriginal Projects Fund Application Form * 
Club Grants Application Form* 
Community Project Funds Application Form* 
Cultural Projects Fund Application Form* 
Environmental Project Fund - Schools Application Form* 
Heritage Projects Fund Application Form* 
International Women's Day Scholarship Application Form* 
Mayoral Academic Scholarships Application Form* 
Port Stephens Annual Awards 2023 - nomination form* 

Online Services

Form nameOnlinePDF
Contact Us Form* 
Online Services Registration Form* 
Online Services Sign In* 

Property and Land Use

Form nameOnlinePDF
Access Community Land Crown Land or Public Reserve *
Foreshore Vessel Storage Registration Permit Application* 
Licensing of commercial business activity on Council managed land *
Plan Request Form* 
Planning Certificate Application Form *
Planning Certificate online (Already Registered with Online Services)* 
Planning Certificate online (Not Registered for Online Services)* 
Property Development Enquiry Form* 
Rezoning Request Meeting Form* 
Section 735A Certificate for outstanding notices on your property – you will need to register for Online Services* 
Works on Council Owned Land *
Works on Public Infrastructure (Roads, Driveways, Footpath, Drainage) *

Rates and Revenue

Form nameOnlinePDF
Change of Address (Online Form)* 
Direct Debit Request Agreement *
Direct Debit Request Form* 
Electronic delivery of rate notices by email (eNotices Portal)* 
Farmland Rating Application Form *
Application for Financial Assistance for the Disposal of Waste* 
Financial Hardship Application* 
Pay my rates online* 
Pensioner Concession Rates Rebate Application* 
Rating Certificate Application *
Rating Certificate online - you will need to register for Online Services* 
Refund Request Form* 
Residential Rating Application Form *


Form nameOnlinePDF
Casual Street Stall* 
Food Business Registration Form *
Footway Dining Application Form* 
Hairdressing Beauty Skin Penetration Business Registration form  *
Leak Notification Form 2020 *
Mobile Food Vending Vehicle Application *
Over Size Over Mass Vehicle Permit *
Regulated Systems Registration Form  *
Underground Petroleum Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS) Registration Form *


Form nameOnlinePDF
Closure of Public Road Application Form* 
Road Closure (Temporary) Application Form *
New Road Name/s Application* 
Roads - Traffic Data Supply Application Form *

Signage and Advertising

Form nameOnlinePDF
Bus Shelter Advertising Application Form* 
Service & Accommodation Signpost application form *
Temporary Structure Application Form* 

Trees, Pests and Weeds

Form nameOnlinePDF
Biosecurity Permit Application* 
Medowie Rabbit Control Program* 
Record of Environmental Works - Volunteers and Committees* 
Tree Pruning and Removal Assessment Form* 


Form nameOnlinePDF
Daily Attendance Form *
Record of Environmental Works - Volunteers and Committees * 
Record of Herbicide Application - Volunteers and Committees *
SWAT - Specific Worksite Assessment and Toolbox Form  *
Volunteer Expression of Interest Form *
Volunteer Nomination Form - 355c Committee *
Volunteer Nomination Form - Council Service *


Form nameOnlinePDF
Application for 30 Day Trading Account * 
Kerbside Clean Up Form* 
Supersize Recycle Service Application Form* 
Wheel out, wheel in indemnity form *
Application for Financial Assistance for the Disposal of Waste*