What's Next?

The draft Port Stephens CMP builds on the previous stages which began in 2019.

Stage 1 of the CMP process identified a range of priority threats affecting the Port Stephens Coastal zones identified as the open coast; inner port; and outer port.

Stage 2 was primarily a study stage that modelled the coastal hazards across four separate planning horizons: 2020, 2040, 2070 and 2120.

Stage 3 focused on identifying management options that could be used to manage the threats identified.
The threats include:

  • Coastal Hazard threats
  • Water quality threats
  • Biodiversity threats
  • Development and Industry threats
  • Recreational activity threats

We are now in Stage 4 of the CMP and are in the final stages of drafting the CMP following public exhibition which closed in March 2024.

The draft CMP is a large and very technical document and we’ve tried to help simplify the document. You are welcome to read our summary document here. You are of course welcome to read the whole document here.

We are currently collating and responding to comments received during public exhibition and are preparing a final CMP for Council endorsement in June 2024. It will then be certified by the Minister for Local Government and the CMP will be ready to be implemented during late 2024.