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Italia Road, East Seaham

StageExpected start monthExpected completion monthStatusBudgetContribution
Stage 1June 2023August 2023Completed$550kPSC funding 100 
Stage 2January 2024March 2024Started $1.1MHundred Percent External Funding Icon 

Pavement rehabilitation.

Project Background:

The following are current safety hazards evident on Italia Road:

  • Pavement has deteriorated beyond normal maintenance measures
  • Lack of or no shoulder width along Italia Road with trees lining the pavement
  • Current road width of approximately 3m travel lanes
  • Table drains within close proximity of road edge and sections with steep batters.

Italia Road acts as a link to Seaham from the Pacific Highway (currently a 10km Seaham sign located on turn off to Italia Road).

Project Aim and Objectives:

  1. Improve the condition of the existing road infrastructure and improve safety for road users
  2. Improve road pavement composition
  3. Increase pavement/shoulder width

Project Scope:

  • Pavement rehabilitation for the full lengths of works
  • Construction of 3.2m travel lanes
  • Construction of 1m shoulders (where possible)
  • Installation of safety barrier such as guardrail or wire rope (where possible)
  • Extend existing guardrail

Stage 2 - Works on Italia Road, Seaham

Stage 2 works are from 465 Italia Rd and extends approximately 350m westward to 510 Italia Road.

Works will be carried out as day works only and completed under traffic control. All properties within the construction footprint will maintain in/out access during the construction period.

Stage 2 works are funded by the $10M local road repairs funding provided by NSW State Government, to repair local roads within the Port Stephens local government area over the next 2 financial years.

Italia Road is a significant haul route with traffic generated from the quarry located towards the Pacific Highway.

Project Updates

Completion Stage 1
26 March  2024

Stabilised base layer has been imported, final trimmed and compacted throughout this week. Primer spray seal is scheduled for early next week.

16 October 2023

The first coat of seal on the road is now complete along with linemarking and guardrail installation. The contractor will return over summer to finalise the project with a final 7mm spray seal, followed by final line marking.