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Henderson Park, Lemon Tree Passage

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We’ll be hosting a drop-in session to talk through this project on Wednesday 27 March at Henderson Park 10am to 12pm.

Budget and timeframe

Expected start monthExpected completion monthStatusBudgetContribution
TBCTBCScheduled$309kHundred Percent External Funding Icon 

Project description


Image: Henderson Park amenities concept


To complement the works that have taken place in the town square of Lemon Tree Passage, new amenities will be built closer to the children's playground and shopping precinct.

The relocation will improve public safety with young children and parents not having to cross a busy car park. The new building will also be built to current standards which will also improve safety to the general public.

The existing amenities will remain open while the new amenities are built

Car Park

A small reconfiguration of the existing car park will improve traffic flow and provide safer access to and from the boat ramp. There will be a small decrease in space allocated for parking due to some timber bollards being realigned to better accommodate cars and trailers. The minor loss of parking in the main car park will be offset by additional accessible car parking closer to the new amenities.

Reconfiguration of the boat ramp car park is an action item in the boating and fishing infrastructure plan.


Unisex toilets are common practice with most local councils around the state as we move towards delivering an improved public space for parents, carers, and children whilst increasing the general public's safety.

  • Privacy: eliminating urinals with self-contained toilets offers greater privacy.
  • Improved public safety: self-contained toilets remove internal hallways or corridors, where people can gather, hide or linger.
  • Access for parents, carers, and children: as a parent or carer, you’re able to take children or older persons under your care into the same toilet, rather than having to leave them unattended.
  • Reduces wait times: people of the same gender can use unisex toilets at the same time, rather than leaving a toilet vacant while someone waits.
  • Cleanliness: the open and airy design and metal materials allow for faster cleaning and drying.

If you notice that an area needs cleaning, maintenance, or is damaged please report it to us via the ‘report and request’  tool.