Port Stephens Drive, Salamander Bay

Expected start monthExpected completion monthStatusBudgetContribution
August 2022 June 2023In progress$845kExternal funding 100

Latest updates

25 November 2022

The Koala underpass/culvert crossing has been installed under Port Stephens Drive along with road reinstatement over the top of the underpass. Line marking will be completed in the near future.

Although the fauna underpass has been installed, it is not currently functional until the exclusion fencing is installed to encourage Koalas through the underpass and prevent them from crossing the road. The fence installation is not expected to occur until mid-2023 due to the approval pathways and processes required to allow for the fencing installation. Until this time, the current fencing along Horizons Golf Course will remain to provide security to the golf course until the new fauna exclusion fencing is installed.

Until the fauna exclusion fencing is installed, please be mindful of your speed when driving along Port Stephens Drive and keep an eye out for Port Stephens most well-known animal.

What still needs to be done?

  • Koala fencing along both sides of Port Stephens Drive
  • Installation of Koala Grids
  • Koala connectivity structures (escape structures)

Why has there been a delay in work being completed by the end of 2022?

Council is required to follow processes to undertake works and these processes have taken a little longer than expected. This area is highly sensitive and environmental due diligence activities have taken some time to complete satisfactorily.

When work is expected to recommence and be completed in 2023?

Work is expected to commence in early 2023. Outside of busy holiday periods. The completion date is unknown at this stage as material and contractor availability are variable, however, we will endeavour to complete it as soon as possible.

4 October 2022

Minor works are continuing on the Koala Underpass. The pavement has been impacted by wet weather and we are investigating treatments to rectify. The Koala fencing will be installed early next year to direct Koalas into the underpass.

Project Description

Port Stephens Council received funding under the NSW Koala Strategy to deliver a range of initiatives to help reduce koala vehicle strike along Port Stephens Drive. This area was identified as a blackspot under the NSW Koala Strategy. The project is designed to reduce the number of koala deaths and injury in this area.

The works will involve the installation of the following key components:

  • 3.7km of Koala-proof fencing along both sides of Port Stephens Drive
  • 850m of retrofitted Koala-proof fencing to the existing Horizons Golf Course fence
  • 1 x 20 m long box culvert fauna underpass
  • Koala grids (similar to cattle grid) across two road intersections
  • Koala connectivity structures (fence crossing poles and escape structures).

Koala-proof fencing helps direct  koalas to road crossing structures such as underpasses. The underpass being installed acts as a new habitat connectivity barrier for the koalas and which will reduce their access to Port Stephens Drive. Koala grids (similar to cattle grids), are also being installed to help deter koalas from crossing intersections as their legs can slip through the gaps made by the grids.

Download the Port Stephens Drive Koala Blackspot Project factsheet (PDF 1.9 MB) for more information

Port Stephens Drive Koala Blackspot Project map