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Development applications determined

View the development applications which have been determined from 14 to 24 December 2020.

SuburbAddressLOT / DPProposalFile number
Anna Bay7 Beachcomber CloseLOT: 214 DP: 842634Alterations and additions to single storey dwelling house and construction of a swimming pool655/2020
Anna Bay20 Marlin PlaceLOT: 431 DP: 852382Alterations and additions to single storey dwelling749/2020
Anna Bay22 Campbell AvenueLOT: 283 DP: 13134Carport850/2020
Corlette7 Corlette Point RoadLOT: 23 DP: 207498S4.55 Modification654/2019
Corlette111 Sandy Point RoadLOT: 13 DP: 208477Alterations to existing dwelling697/2020
Corlette18 The PeninsulaLOT: 804 DP: 790780Carport786/2020
Duns Creek611 Duns Creek RoadLOT: 9 DP: 1098869Single storey dwelling and shed723/2020
Fern Bay97 Seaside BoulevardeLOT: 21 DP: 280067Two Storey Dwelling755/2020
Fern Bay31 Botanica AvenueLOT: 36 DP: 280072Two Storey Dwelling789/2020
Fern Bay13 Fullerton StreetLOT: 13 SEC: D DP: 37834Shed805/2020
Fingal Bay53 Lentara StreetLOT: 7 SEC: 17 DP: 240156S.4.55(1A) Modification to alterations and additions to dwelling - Design changes585/2020
Fingal Bay20 Tuna CrescentLOT: 8 DP: 245234Alterations and additions to two storey dwelling - convert garage to living space, and roof over existing deck640/2020
Fingal Bay78 Lentara StreetLOT: 6 SEC: 14 DP: 240156Alterations and additions to two storey dwelling776/2020
Fullerton Cove456 Fullerton Cove RoadLOT: 11 DP: 1250257Alterations and additions to single storey dwelling604/2020
Karuah6 Morante RoadLOT: 118 DP: 1243578Single storey dwelling787/2020
Medowie6 Cherry Tree CloseLOT: 1954 DP: 713229Shed689/2020
Medowie25 Wilga RoadLOT: 100 DP: 262638Shed708/2020
Medowie11 Abercrombie RoadLOT: 22 DP: 262344Swimming pool, verandah and alterations and additions to single storey dwelling748/2020
Medowie52 Kula RoadLOT: 1 DP: 1231575Secondary dwelling767/2020
Medowie14 Pastures DriveLOT: 107 DP: 1200970Construction of new shed and associated works823/2020
Medowie41 Carolina RoadLOT: 918 DP: 1260727Construction of new Single Storey Dwelling824/2020
Medowie76 Maya DriveLOT: 923 DP: 1260727Swimming Pool826/2020
Medowie65 Maya DriveLOT: 723 DP: 1257202Single storey dwelling828/2020
Medowie3 Gardenia DriveLOT: 123 DP: 1263216Single Storey dwelling833/2020
Medowie80 Maya DriveLOT: 921 DP: 1260727Single storey dwelling842/2020
Medowie41 Maya DriveLOT: 433 DP: 1252168Single storey dwelling847/2020
Medowie18 Topaz AvenueLOT: 905 DP: 1260727Dwelling house - 1 storey862/2020
Medowie4 Lewis DriveLOT: 66 DP: 261960S4.55(1A) Amendment1037/2006
Nelson Bay34 Tallean RoadLOT: 319 DP: 9165Two Lot Torrens Title Subdivision221/2020
Nelson Bay7 Dragonfly PlaceLOT: 3 DP: 1062104S4.55(1A) Modification - Changes to building design and set back562/2019
Nelson Bay13 Kurrawa CloseLOT: 219 DP: 239099Alterations and additions to existing single storey dwelling722/2020
Nelson Bay112 Government RoadLOT: 14 SEC: 2 DP: 758370Alterations and additions to two storey dwelling772/2020
Nelsons Plains 980 Hinton RoadLOT: 142 DP: 604932S4.55(1A) modification to approved Construction of alterations and additions to existing dwelling and shed and rumpus room - minor modification to design.498/2020
One Mile24 Reflections DriveLOT: 16 DP: 1070133Detached home office, games room and carport771/2020
Raymond Terrace6 Rees James RoadLOT: 2 DP: 271250Section 4.55 Amendment to approved Community Title Subdivision (Comprising 21 Residential Allotments) and  Two Dwellings (Located on Proposed Lots 3 and 4) - Design changes to dwellings and amendment to staging395/2017
Raymond Terrace22 Sturgeon StreetLOT: 1 DP: 783577New shop front and office fit out557/2020
Raymond Terrace40 Rosemount DriveLOT: 2 DP: 809056Dwelling front deck addition and attached carport750/2020
Raymond Terrace49 Links DriveLOT: 30 DP: 246039Alterations and additions to existing dwelling - Carport and covered deck752/2020
Raymond Terrace1 Bourke StreetLOT: 1 DP: 1144414Shed781/2020
Raymond Terrace22 Dairyman DriveLOT: 305 DP: 1260561Single storey dwelling806/2020
Raymond Terrace6 Sailors WayLOT: 417 DP: 1264399Single story dwelling827/2020
Raymond Terrace14 Sailors WayLOT: 519 DP: 1268765Single storey dwelling831/2020
Raymond Terrace16 Sailors WayLOT: 520 DP: 1268765Single storey dwelling832/2020
Raymond Terrace18 Sailors WayLOT: 521 DP: 1268765Single storey dwelling840/2020
Raymond Terrace15 Sailors WayLOT: 515 DP: 1268765Dwelling house - 1 storey853/2020
Salamader Bay162 Soldiers Point RoadLOT: 122 DP: 27047Demolish existing dwelling and new single storey dwelling588/2020
Salamader Bay10 Manoora CloseLOT: 26 DP: 831253Insulated Patio cover with concrete flooring777/2020
Seaham6 Alexander DriveLOT: 101 DP: 874160Demolition845/2020
Shoal Bay8 Leonard AvenueLOT: 118 DP: 28772Garage extension792/2020
Soldiers Point48 Cromarty RoadLOT: 6 DP: 31930S4.55 Modification to dwelling328/2020
Soldiers Point35B Soldiers Point RoadLOT: 2 DP: 1236457S4.55(1A) Amendment593/2019
Soldiers Point8 Kent GardensLOT: 15 DP: 31930Alterations and additions to two storey dwelling637/2020
Tanilba Bay8 Clemenceau CrescentLOT: 708 DP: 10716Shed737/2020
Tanilba Bay5 Victory ViewLOT: 32 DP: 10716Swimming Pool (second hand material - above ground pool)844/2020
Tanilba Bay39 President Wilson WalkLOT: 179 DP: 10716Alfresco861/2020
Taylors Beach8 Taylor RoadLOT: 626 DP: 27628S4.55(1A) Modification to Additions and Alterations to existing dwelling, Secondary Dwelling, Pool – Amend pool design294/2019
Taylors Beach19 Shearwater DriveLOT: 10 DP: 1013999Alterations and additions to light industrial unit784/2020
Williamtown393 Cabbage Tree RoadLOT: 12 DP: 234947Solar farm485/2020
Williamtown575 Cabbage Tree RoadLOT: 6 DP: 563727Dwelling house, shed and pool759/2020
Woodville284 Clarence Town RoadLOT: 20 DP: 1010117Single storey dwelling and demolition of existing dwelling573/2020
Woodville7 Joes CloseLOT: 4 DP: 859329Shed665/2020

Port Stephens Council’s Administration Building located at 116 Adelaide Street, Raymond Terrace, during ordinary office hours (8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays). The development consents can also be viewed through Council’s DA Tracker at datracker.portstephens.nsw.gov.au | The reasons for Council’s decision and the consideration of community views are contained within the development consent.