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Mariners Walk Heritage Trail

Mariners Walk Naval Commemoration Project was instigated by the Port Stephens Historical Society. The project seeks to commemorate the history of Port Stephens' mariners through interpretative displays and signage in Soldiers Point and Salamander Bay.

The Mariners Walk Heritage Trail is an initiative of the Port Stephens Historical Society in partnership with Port Stephens Council. The journey, both in the planning stages and into the future with the need for ongoing maintenance and promotion, involves the Salamander Bay Soldiers Point Parks Committee; the Mambo Wetlands Parks Committee and the Lions Club of Soldiers Point.

The project was possible thanks to a grant from the National Maritime Museum and funding from the NSW State Government Community Builders Program.

The walk is approximately 3.3km and takes around 40 minutes to complete. The signs are located along natural pathways including access via beachfront and grass pathways around Wanda Wanda Headland. The natural environment in which many of the signs are located limits access by wheelchair and other mobility aids.

Further details on access and parking can be found on each of the individual heritage trail sign listed below.

Mariners Heritage Walk Map

There is the option to walk the entire Mariners Walk Heritage Trail. This requires some beach walking / level bush pathways and some walking on waterfront reserve.

If taking the walking option you would be recommended to first take a vehicle that might be dropped off at Joe Redman Reserve (Foreshore Drive Salamander). In a second vehicle continue along Foreshore Drive and veer left at Bob Cairn Reserve to Soldiers Point Rd where you would turn left and continue until you reach Salamander Shores (opposite Soldiers Point Bowling Club). Find an area to park and then make your way to the first sign, Johnny's Well  (see MW01-Johnny's Well for directional details)

Mariners Walk Heritage Trail sign register

Number & Title Location More details
MW1 - Johnny's Well Seaview Crescent, Soldiers Point Read more
MW2 - The Cromarty Family & the Naval Base Lands 10 Seaview Crescent, Soldiers Point Read more
MW3 - Wanda Wanda Headland 34 Randall Drive, Salamander Bay Read more
MW4 - Lady Nelson 46 Randall Drive, Salamander Bay  Read more
MW5 - Captain Cook & Other Mariners 60 Randall Drive, Salamander Bay Read more
MW6 - Salamander Bay Naval history 31 Foreshore Drive, Salamander Bay Read more
MW7 - Mambo Wetlands Joe Redman Reserve, Foreshore Drive, Salamander Bay Read more
MW8 - Charting of Port Stephens - HMS Beagle Joe Redman Reserve, Foreshore Drive, Salamander Bay  Read more

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Inaugurated in 1967, the Port Stephens Historical Society, Inc. is a non-profit organisation that encourages interest in the community of Port Stephen's history, fostering participation in the preservation of that history. Whilst the society meets at Salamander Bay and maintains extensive data and files there on the eastern area of this city, it also extends its contacts to the Hunter Region and Australia generally.