Completed projects for Hinterland Place Plan

Council has been successful in its funding application under Black Sport funding program which aims to enhance 66 dangerous sites across NSW. The Black Spot Program improves safety at locations where crashes are occurring, or are at risk of occurring, by funding treatments such as pedestrian crossings, guardrails, and roundabouts. In the case of Port Stephens, Council has been awarded $1,330,000 to install profile (audio-tactile) centerline and edge line, flexible barrier, street lighting and vehicle-activated signs. These measures will improve delineation, superelevation, and sealed shoulder on curve and straight as well as removing site distance restrictions. The signs have been installed on Clarence Town Road 20 metres east to 750 metres west along Brandy Hill Drive, Seaham.

This project relates to Action 8 of the Hinterland Place Plan.

Speed limit display

Make way for festivities and events in the Hinterland. Completed since November 2023

Port Stephens Council facilitated a number of events for the Hinterland communities in 2023.

They included:

Seaham Christmas Carols – December 2023  Thank you to those of you who attended the Seaham Christmas Carols event that was held on 9th December 2023. The organisers of the event were successful in their funding application through Council’s Community Event Fund for the amount of $2000.

Seaham Shared Pathways / Hinterland Place Plan Launch – December 2023  Thank you to those of you who joined us for the launch of the Seaham Shared Pathways project that was held on 13 December 2023. Community members enjoyed hearing from Kate Murray on the history of the project as well as participating in smoking ceremony performed by National Parks and Wildlife. To learn more about the project, visit

For more information visit Hinterland Place Plan

Festivals and events in the Hinterland

Seaham Shared Pathways Project – Completed December 2023

Project Lead: Kate Murray as well as Council, National Parks and Wildlife and Worimi as well as the local community of Seaham have celebrated the completion of Stage 1 of the Seaham Shared Pathways project (SSP). The SSP is made up of a number of wayfinding and informative signage boards that provide information on points of interest (of both environmental and historical significance) in and around Seaham. Council proudly funded this project through the Vibrant Spaces grant program to the amount of $6000 to cover the design, production of signage and website that can be accessed by QR codes, providing information on this special community project.

Seaham Shared Pathway

Support local – small business, big impact – Completed December 2023

In conjunction to the launch of the Seaham Shared Pathways project, council worked with the local school and businesses to enhance the mainstreet appeal of Seaham. Half wine barrels filled with flowering plants now adorn each side of the road, providing acknowledgement of the Porphyry Vineyard that was established in Seaham in 1847, beautifying the mainstreet and providing a talking point to promote the Seaham Shared Pathways project.  For more information visit: Hinterland Place Plan

Seaham mainstreet beautification

Improve safety for pedestrians – Completed December 2023

Council has completed a reassessment of vehicular movement and parking signage around Seaham Public School to improve safety and access for families. Changes include the extension of ‘No Parking’ and ‘No Stopping’ zones in front of the school in Still Street and altering the Bus Zone on Warren Street to a ‘No Parking’ morning zone to allow drop offs before school. For more information visit: Hinterland Place Plan

No parking signs

Seaham Mural – Completed October 2023

In 2023, Council invested significant funds to upgrade the netball court and multi-court facilities at Brandon Park, Seaham. A part of these upgrades included a grey brick wall that serves the purpose of stopping balls going on the baseball / cricket fields and is also used as a ‘hit up wall’ in training drills by the netball club. To improve the aesthetics of the brick wall and to add vibrancy to the area, the local sporting clubs who use the facility (including Seaham Storm Baseball Club Inc, Seaham Cricket Club and Seaham Netball Club) worked together to apply for a Port Stephens community grant to design and facilitate the artwork. The mural was painted by Nick Stuart of Olas One and depicts the colours, activities and locators of the three clubs – another great example of community and council working together to add more vibrancy to our communities! For more information visit:  Hinterland Place Plan

Seaham mural wall

Resources have been developed to help assist the Hinterland communities (Stage 1). Completed January 2023.

Council have employed a full time Place Project Planning Manager to facilitate implementation of the Hinterland Place Plan. In addition, resources such as ‘Planning for Your Place’ newsletters are sent out seasonally to provide updates to community members. Fact sheets and project updates can be found on the dedicated Hinterland Place Plan page where people can also find up to date information on the status of the actions.

Council staff have worked with a number of community members and organisations to investigate a number of grants that will add benefit to the Hinterland.

Council will continue to develop useful resources regarding planning and agritourism (stage 2) and will publish when available.