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Upcoming projects

Port Stephens Council has a number of projects, which are listed below. If you have an enquiry about ongoing projects, please contact us on 02 4988 0255.


Adelaide Street, Raymond Terrace

Traffic calming.

Aliceton Reserve, Karuah

Relocation of playground amenities from Memorial Park to Aliceton Reserve.

ANZAC Park, Raymond Terrace

Facilities upgrade.

Avenue of the Allies, Tanilba Bay

Pavement reconstruction Poilus Parade to King Albert Avenue Stage 1.


Birubi Point Aboriginal Place Tourism Transport Interchange

Development of the Birubi Information Centre

Boomerang Park basketball court

Boomerang Park Basketball Court (conversion of croquet court) and BBQ replacement.

Brandon Park, Seaham

Amenities building and sport court upgrades.

Brandy Hill Drive, Brandy Hill

Shared pathway on Brandy Hill Drive, Brandy Hill.

Bucketts Way, Twelve Mile Creek

Road rehabilitation and widening.


Cabbage Tree Road, Williamtown

Road rehabilitation and widening. Funded by Transport for NSW.

Centennial Park, Tanilba Bay

Playground amenities replacement.

Clarence Town Road

Pavement rehabilitation.

Conroy Park, Corlette

BBQ replacement.


East Seaham Road, East Seaham

Rock wall remediation at Balickera Canal Bridge and guardrail and linemarking on East Seaham Road.

Elizabeth Waring Function Room

Upgrades to amenities building and function room.


Ferodale Road

Pavement rehabilitation - Medowie Road - roundabout to Peppertree Road and traffic calming.

Fern Bay Community Centre

Fire Indicator Panel upgrades.

Fern Bay pathway

Construction of a shared pathway in Fern Bay.

Fingal Bay Foreshore Upgrade

Fingal Bay North Amenities - amenities replacement.

Fly Point amphitheatre

Fly Point Amphitheatre renovation Nelson Bay

Fly Point to Halifax pathway

Shared path linking Fly Point and Halifax, Nelson Bay


Gan Gan Road, One Mile

Road rehabilitation on Gan Gan Road, One Mile.

Gan Gan Road, Nelson Bay

Improvements at Gan Gan Road intersection, Nelson Bay

Government Road car park, Shoal Bay

Government Road, Sandy Point Road and Bagnall Beach Road Nelson Bay

Traffic calming.


Henderson Park, Lemon Tree Passage

Shade sail installation at Henderson Park, Lemon Tree Passage.

Hinton foreshore upgrades, Hinton

Upgrade Hinton foreshore to enhance disaster resilience in response to potential future flood and storm events, working on the boat ramp, bridge and foreshore.


Italia Road, East Seaham

Pavement rehabilitation on Italia Road.


John Parade, Lemon Tree Passage

Demolition of dwelling and earthwork / landscaping.


Kindlebark Drive, Medowie

Pavement rehabilitation from Kindlebark Drive – Ferodale Road to Rosewood Drive.

King Park, Raymond Terrace

Building refurbishment and pathway construction and replace vehicle barriers and fencing.

Kittyhawk Park, Raymond Terrace

Playground and park furniture replacement at Kittyhawk Park, Raymond Terrace.


Lakeside Leisure Centre, Raymond Terrace

Playground and shade sail replacement.

Lavis Lane, Williamtown

Pavement rehabilitation.

Lemon Tree Passage Town Square and Foreshore shared path

Lemon Tree Passage Foreshore shared path and town square

Lemon Tree Passage Road

Construction of a shared pathway between Mallabula and Lemon Tree Passage Road.

Lemon Tree Passage Road, Tanilba Bay

Pavement reconstruction. Lemon Tree Passage Road, Tanilba Bay.

Little Beach, Nelson Bay

Replace boat ramp, new amenities and upgrade pathways and car park at Little Beach, Nelson Bay.


Mallabula Sports Complex

The Mallabula Sports Complex will be transformed into an active hub for all ages featuring a playground, multi-sport court and skate park. This new equipment will be connected via paths and will include supporting facilities such as a toilet, park furniture and event space.

Marine Drive, Fingal Bay

Embankment stabalisation after landslip.

McClymonts Swamp Road, Wallalong

Pavement rehabilitation.

Medowie Road shared path

Construction of a shared pathway from Ferodale Road to Silverwattle Drive at Medowie.

Medowie Road, Medowie

Medowie Road - Kindlebark Drive to Federation Drive.

Mustons Road, Karuah

Pavement reconstruction along Mustons Road, Karuah


Nelson Bay amenities

Victoria Parade amenities renovation.

Nelson Bay CBD

CBD works at Nelson Bay.

Nelson Bay Drainage

Drainage improvement works in the Seabreeze Estate catchment area, Nelson Bay

Newline Road, East Seaham

Pavement rehabilitation at East Seaham.

Newline Road, Raymond Terrace

This project is continuation of works that were commenced in 2020 to undertake road rehabilitation and road widening on the two bends between Pennington Drain and Veolia waste facility.


Oakendale Rd Glen Oak – Notts Creek Bridge Renewal

Replacement of the Notts Creek Bridge on Oakendale Road, Glen Oak.

One Mile Beach car park

One Mile Beach car park upgrade.


Port Stephens Drive, Salamander Bay

Koala crossing project at Port Stephens Drive, Salamander Bay


Raymond Terrace depot

Demolition of existing and construction of a new council depot.

Raymond Terrace high pedestrian activity area

Traffic Calming at Port Stephens Street (to Kangaroo Street), King, Hunter and Jacaranda Streets.

Raymond Terrace pathway

Medowie to Raymond Terrace shared path missing link – Pacific Highway Underpass.

Raymond Terrace Streets as Shared Spaces project

The project aims to make a series of small artistic, wayfinding and open space interventions throughout the Raymond Terrace CBD and Heritage Precincts.

Rookes Road, Salt Ash

Road renewal on Rookes Road, Salt Ash.


Sanctuary Place, Wallalong

Pavement rehabilitation.

Salamander Bay Sports Complex

Playing surface relevel, adjust paths, dugouts, irrigation and fencing to new levels and upgrade amenities building.

Salamander Transfer Station

New amenities building.

Seaham Road, Nelsons Plains

Intersection upgrade with Hinton Road, Nelsons Plains.

Six Mile Road, Eagleton

Road rehabilitation.

Smart Parking, Shoal Bay

Soldiers Point Road

Retaining wall.

Spencer Park, Soldiers Point

Playground and amenities replacement.

Stockton Street, Nelson Bay

Pedestrian Crossing upgrade and upgrades to the stage on Stockton Street, Nelson Bay

Sturgeon Street, Raymond Terrace

Pavement rehabilitation at the 5 way intersection at Sturgeon Street, Raymond Terrace.

Swan Bay Road

Progressive sealed road widening from Stage 2 towards Ponds Road and road rehabilitation.


Tanilba Road, Mallabula

Widening, kerb and gutter construction from Bay Street to Mallabula Road in Tanilba Bay.

Tarean Road, Karuah - RV and Caravan Parking

Teramby Road, Nelson Bay

Landslip rectification.

Tilligerry Aquatic Centre

Replace heat pumps.

Tomaree Aquatic Centre, Tomaree

Replace heat pumps.


Victoria Parade, Nelson Bay

Upgrades to the pedestrian overpass at Victoria Parade Nelson Bay


William Street, Raymond Terrace

William Street town centre works Raymond Terrace


Yulong Oval, Medowie

Amenities replacement.