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Submitting a Customer Request

To log a customer request, contact Customer Relations by phoning (02) 4988 0255 (24hrs) or email council@portstephens.nsw.gov.au. You can also use our online report it form.

355c Committee volunteers are valuable people out and about in our community and have excellent knowledge of the local area and may wish to report to Council an issue that you notice needs attention.  In addition to this, the majority of small tasks and maintenance requests by committees can be managed though the Customer Request system.  For example, you can use this process to: notify damaged park tables; arrange for new signs; request a new bin; report vandalism or graffiti; request a quote for a job; or report a broken watering system.

In order to respond quickly to your request, Council needs specific information about your matter, including:

  • Your name, address, contact number and email address.
  • The location your request relates to ie reserve opposite 10 Smith St Seaham.
  • A clear description of your concerns ie there is a hole in the ground next to the swings.
  • If you would like to be notified of the outcome and by what method ie phone, email, letter.

Each request has a unique number assigned which can be used as a quick lookup guide for Council Staff. Having this on hand if you call for an update speeds up the process.

Undertaking Works

Regular Scope of Works
There are numerous activities already approved to be carried out by Council Volunteers, such as tree planting, weeding, mulching, cleaning and painting, and may form part of a committee's regular scope of works. All outdoor projects and activities undertaken by Council Committees and Volunteers require approval from Council prior to their commencement.

Committees should consult with their Council Responsible Officer in planning their regular scope of works, and to gain approval to undertake these works. Park and Reserve Committees can liaise with their relevant Parks Supervisor to develop a regular scope of works. This could be for a whole year or an alternative time period. A proposed work plan which outlines the main scope of works and maintenance activities should be submitted to the relevant Parks Supervisor for approval. Other minor works that arise throughout the year can also be forwarded to the Parks Supervisor for consultation and approval.

Maintenance Requests
Council's Building Trades Maintenance Team coordinates maintenance of existing structures in Council facilities such as halls and reserves under the trades of painting, plumbing, electrical and carpentry. If an existing item or structure in a facility that is "bolted down" breaks or needs maintenance, then it is likely to be dealt with by the Building Trades Team.

  • View a copy of the Contacting Building Trades (PDF 51.0KB) flyer for further details on what to contact Building Trades for and how to go about it.

Building Trades Team is not responsible for new works or assets such as new storage cupboards, kitchen, power points or park infrastructure etc, as this comes under the Works on Council Owned Land process below. Grounds maintenance of parks and reserves is the responsibility of Council Parks staff.

Urgent matters - If a matter is urgent or poses a risk (e.g. security issue, tap burst, blocked toilet, electrical safety) then contact Council's Switch (24hrs) on phone 4988 0255 or the Building Trades Team during business hours on 4988 0397.

Non-urgent matters - Contact the Building Trades Team initially via email buildingtrades.maintenancerequests@portstephens.nsw.gov.au

Works on Council Owned Land
If a committee would like to undertake a project that is outside of their regular scope of works, such as for new 'assets', approval may be required from the Community and Recreation Assets team, or another section of Council. This includes works such as upgrades to halls, new pathways and garden beds, structures and seating, signs and new sporting facilities.

Committees are asked to complete the ‘Proposed Works on Council Land Application Form’, referring to the 'Specification Guidelines' for further information. There is no specified minimum or maximum amount related to this form. The completed form assists Council staff in assessing the proposal. A Council officer will contact the applicant to discuss the proposed plans. Council may organise a site meeting at the proposed location to discuss the project. Notification will be given in writing with the outcome of the application.

For further advice and assistance on the Works on Council Owned Land process contact Council's Community and Recreation Officer on 4988 0255 or email council@portstephens.nsw.gov.au.

Record of Environmental Works

Port Stephens Council's Natural Resource team are implementing a new system to aid in natural area protection and management.  The Natural Area Restoration Register is being used to capture all environmental restoration works completed on council managed land, and is seeking on-going input from Parks/Landcare Volunteers.

Council staff, contractors and Green Army teams are already contributing to this database. Council considers the work done by volunteers/committees to be equally important and is seeking input on environmental/natural area works undertaken on Council land, such as weed control work, mulching, planting, track maintenance, rubbish removal, and even monitoring activities.

Information gathered will:

  • assist environmental protection during the planning and development process;
  • improve and streamline grant applications and reporting;
  • inform the community and Council about environmental assets; and
  • highlight the contribution of volunteers.

Upon completing any environmental works, please fill out the Record of Environmental Works - Volunteers & Committees on our A-Z Forms page and either email to weeds@portstephens.nsw.gov.au or collate and provide to the Weeds Officer at a Parks Forum.

Record of Herbicide Application

The Record of Herbicide Application is used by Council Volunteers who apply herbicide for the control of weeds in our park and reserve areas. Volunteers must be trained and have approval from a Parks Program Officer or Council Weeds Officer prior to any spraying being undertaken. One form is to be used for each site, and is to be returned to Council within 48hrs of treatment (see the form for instructions on how to return). Information provided by Council Volunteers will be entered into Council's Weeds Register.

  • Download the Record of Herbicide Application from our A-Z Forms page.

Asset Disposal

Port Stephens Council's Asset Disposal Policy ensures that the disposal of Council assets is ethical, transparent and accountable. The Asset Disposal Management Directive supports the Policy and prescribes the considerations and processes to be applied in the disposal of Council owned assets.

355 Committees may on occasion need to dispose of items that they have purchased using Council funds, or are in their care and control. As Committees of Council, this process must be in accordance with the above Policy and Management Directive.

When a 355c Committee considers that an asset is no longer viable it may be considered for disposal, for example if it is obsolete, does not comply with WHS standards or is uneconomical to repair. In meeting the requirements of the Local Government Act, any goods sold must be done so in an open and public forum. If a 355c Committee wishes to dispose of assets, they should firstly consider Councils Asset Disposal Policy on our Policies page and Asset Disposal Management Directive (PDF 169KB)

The committee should then provide the following information to Council's Volunteers Coordinator:

  • description of the item/s
  • number of items
  • reason for disposal
  • whether there are other possible uses for the item, or whether community organisations might be interested in them
  • whether there are any Council identifying marks to be removed
  • value of item
  • location of item
  • whether Council's assistance is required for the removal of this item

Council's Volunteers Coordinator will then seek the appropriate approvals and assistance that the committee may require.

Digital Images Consent

The Digital Images Consent forms are available on our A-Z Forms page and can be used by Council committees needing permission to photograph/film volunteers undertaking activities, for use in the promotion of Port Stephens Council committees, volunteers and/or facilities.

Volunteers Coordinator
Phone: (02) 4988 0255
Email: volunteers@portstephens.nsw.gov.au