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Chinese Violet control order

Chinese violet was first found in 1999 in Boat Harbour, NSW before spreading throughout Port Stephens.

Port Stephens Council has been running an eradication program over the past 10 years to reduce agricultural losses. Our actions have helped contain much of the spread but Port Stephens remains the capital of Chinese violet in Australia.

The Biosecurity (Chinese violet) Control Order came into effect 1 July 2019. This order means that landowners who have Chinese violet on their properties are required to:

  • immediately destroy all Chinese violet on their property
  • destroy any future regrowth
  • keep property clear of Chinese violet

What does this mean for you?

If you have previously worked with us to successfully remove Chinese violet from your property, we ask that you remain aware of the weed and act on any regrowth.

We will inspect all properties affected by Chinese violet on a quarterly basis. You will be notified prior to inspection.

If Chinese violet is found on your property, we will act immediately to destroy the weed and will seek to recover any cost incurred in this process. Charges will be made in accordance with our Fees and Charges. If you are enduring hardship or financial difficulties please apply to council for exemption.

Biosecurity Legislation

The Biosecurity Act 2015 came into effect on July 2017 and replaces 14 other Acts. 'Biosecurity' now relates to a broad area including livestock, diseases, pest and weeds.

Under the Biosecurity act, everyone in the Port Stephens community has a legal requirement to management weeds and pests, this includes being the owner, occupier or carrier of weeds. The Act also covers the sale of some weed plants and the importation of weeds which are not currently found in NSW.

Under Biosecurity legislation, it is Councils responsibility to manage weeds and pests on our land. The Invasive Species Team is the Local Control Authority for weeds within Port Stephens. Our role is to investigate, educate, control, inspect and undertake compliance if required.

As Authorised Officers under the Act, Port Stephens Councils Invasive Species team may be required to enter, inspect, and carry out other functions as prescribed by the legislation on private lands, including weed education and compliance. The Invasive Species Team will always take due care on private lands and where practical, notify owners prior to entry.