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Place plans

We're planning for the future of our places in a way that makes it easy for you to understand and get involved.

What is a place plan?

A place plan is an easy-to-read plan for the future of a place — it outlines the community's vision for their place and actions to achieve that vision.

Every place is unique and so is every place plan. It may include:

  • events and activities
  • projects and works
  • actions for community
  • land use changes
  • and much more.

The most important part of a place plan is the activation plan. It includes projects or ideas to create more vibrant places for people to connect, discover and enjoy with their community.

These actions can be championed by our community — including community groups, local businesses, schools, clubs or individuals. By working together we can harness people-power to achieve more and best of all, create lasting connections.

Why do we need place plans?

  • Plans that put people and places first — it starts with our community's values and priorities for their place. Together, we identify the unique local character of a place and the ways our community can shape, enhance or protect these aspects.
  • Creating vibrant places — to improve the liveability and wellbeing of our communities. Place plans help us plan for future programs and services, invest in infrastructure, attract investment and bring life to our streets.
  • Empowering our community — our community wants to see action in their town centres, not plans that sit on a shelf. That’s why we’re taking a collaborative approach and working with our community to create great places.

What is the place planning process?

  1. Place plans start with feedback from Liveability Index to identify what each community values most and your priorities for your place.
  2. We will seek community input through collaborative workshops to develop a draft plan.
  3. Our technical experts will use this input to create opportunities for meaningful improvements. We also filter all of our existing strategies into one simple plan for your town.
  4. We’ll test this draft with the community to get feedback and input.
  5. A final draft will be endorsed by our Council.
  6. It’s time for action! As well as actions for our Council, place plans include projects or ideas to create a more vibrant place which will be championed by our community, for our community.

How to get involved

You’re the expert when it comes to your place – we need your local knowledge and passion for your place to help develop a plan and make things happen.

Place Planning in Port Stephens