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Last Published: 23 Mar 2020 11:04am

This Disclosure log identifies information and documents that have been released by a formal access application process.

Formal access applications received that are likely to be of interest to members of the public, will be published in this disclosure log. The disclosure log contains non-personal information only.

Please note that details of an application will not be included within the disclosure log until the application has been decided.

How to access requested information

The requested information below can be accessed by contacting Council's Right to Information Officer on (02) 4988 0255 or email council@portstephens.nsw.gov.au

Reference NumberDate of DecisionInformation RequestedType of Release
PSC2020-005333.3.20Correspondence from the OLG relating to complaint handling functions Refused
PSC2019-0498715.1.20Copy of Council's secondary employment register and information contained on Pecuniary Interest returns Part
PSC2019-0472819.11.19Copy of documents from applications that were originally lodged as Formal GIPA requests but were addressed by way of informal releasePart
PSC2019-0245923.8.19Information concerning Nelson Bay and Medowie Road upgradePart
PSC2018-020269.8.19Information encompassing 20 DA's that had gone before CouncilPart
PSC2019-0013827.2.19Traffic data and information relating to 2 Bagnall Avenue Soldiers PointPart
PSC2018-0407014.2.19Information concerning caravan park at 21 Fullerton Cove Road Part
PSC2018-0202621.12.18Council's secondary employment register Part
PSC2018-036076.12.18Information relating to 111 South StreetPart
PSC2018-0338612.11.18Environmental Assessment reports for lot 5 DP 1175028Part
PSC2018-025763.9.18Information contained within development applications submitted for 182 Port Stephens Drive Salamander BayPart
PSC2018-0011522.7.18Information relating to 8 Fleet Street Salamander BayPart
PSC2018-014756.6.18Policies, processes and systems of Council Full and information already made available
PSC2018-0055927.4.18Road widening and any incidents relating to 2998 Nelson Bay Road Salt Ash Part release
PSC2018-0104227.4.18Information relating to 40 Kerrigan Street Nelson BayFull
PSC2018-0038528.3.18Data and records relating to the road condition for Mustons RoadAlready provided
PSC2018-0032320.3.2018Any trip & fall incidents relating to 34 Mount Hall Road Raymond TerracePart
PSC2018-0024722.3.2018All correspondence and documentation relating to the Culvert Crossing at Mustons Road in Karuah, in particular correspondence between Port Stephens Council and Karuah Local Aboriginal Land Council in relation to the subject sitePart
PSC2018-0032320.3.2018Information relating to footpath condition near Mount Hall Road Raymond TerracePart
PSC2018-0024919.3.2018Documents that demonstrate compliance with Council's road maintenance policy and the Agreed Level of ServicePart
PSC2018-002488.3.2018Copy of Statewide Mutual's Best Practice ManualRefused
PSC2018-000487.3.2018 Information relating to the planning proposal to rezone and amend the minimum lot sizes for several properties within MedowiePart
PSC2018-002465.3.2018Documentation relating to corrective action Council took to ensure compliance with 'Best Practice' measures when a traffic control inconsistency was brought to the attention of the site supervisorFull
PSC2017-0332830.1.2018Information relating historic property files for Sand Mining approvals granted on Part Portion 149 Nelson Bay Road Salt AshPart
PSC2017-0309121.12.2017Information relating to the Culvert Crossing at Mustons Road KaruahPart
PSC2017-031597.12.2017Information relating to Trip & Fall incidents near the Nelson Bay CBDPart 
PSC2017-0289924.10.2017Documentation relating to motor vehicle incidents that have occurred on the roundabout on Pacific Highway, Raymond Terrace and Adelaide StreetInformation not held
PSC2017-024554.09.2017Information in relation to blocks of land in Mabo Wetlands, dating back to March 2016Part
PSC2017-0234715.9.2017Information concerning complaints and compliance for a DA at Soldiers PointPart
PSC2017-0251625.9.2017Information in respect of Albatross Avenue Salamander BayPart
PSC2017-0255729.9.2017Information relating to Council's former 'Planning Matters to be reported to Council' PolicyPart
PSC2017-0152015.06.2017Information concerning Council's legal costs and insurance informationPart
PSC2016-0273213.12.2016Information relating to the Boomerang Park Master PlanFull
PSC2016-0273315.11.2016Information relating to the tender process for T17-2015 Raymond Terrace Men's ShedPart
PSC2016-219015.09.2016All information relating to the Boomerang Park Draft Plan of Management Public HearingPart
PSC2016-0217115.09.2016All information relating to the change of land use zoning over Lot 1 DP 1019113 98 Coachwood Drive Medowie from Rural 1a to E2 Environmental ConservationPart
PSC2016-0168514.07.2016Civil construction information relating to the Cove Village and Fullerton Cove RoadPart
PSC2016-017308.07.2016Copies of plans recorded in 7-1996-511-1 being 40 Albert St Taylors BeachPart
PSC2016-0148120.06.2016Information relating to the car park at 6 and 8 The Close Raymond TerracePart
PSC2016-010636.05.2016Information relating to DA 16-2012-320-1 3/1A Hank St HeatherbraePart
PSC2016-010686.05.2016Information relating to maintenance of Swan Reach Rd HintonPart
PSC2016-0081014.04.2016Information relating to Seabreeze Estate, Port StephensFull
PSC2016-0006617.02.2016Various documents relating to Tomaree Aquatic CentrePart
PSC2016-0021616.02.2016Information relating to consultation regarding DA 16-2011-483-1 3 Sapphire Ct Raymond TerraceFull
PSC2015-0391313.01.2016Information in respect of a Menacing Dog Order and related investigationsPart
PSC2015-340003.12.2015Various documents relating to the construction and maintenance of the Shoal Bay wharf, including any related incident reports.Part
PSC2015-0309326.10.2015Copies of documents to and from the Department of Defence in relation to Firefighting foam/chemicals, also known as PFOS and PFOA used at RAAF Base Williamtown.Part
PSC2015-0187216.07.2015Copies of various information relating to 282, 282A, 282B and 398 Cabbage Tree Road, Williamtown, and Coxs Lane, Fullerton Cove.Part
PSC2015-0102804.05.2015Various information relating to DA 16-2012-630-1 being 13 Barleigh Ranch Way, Eagleton.Part
PSC2015-0095320.04.2015Various information relating to the Section 94 Contribution applicable to the Marina Resort redevelopment.Part
PSC2015-0034503.03.2015Extensive information in respect of the financial commitments to and performance of the Samurai Beach Resort, Council's dealings with Crown Lands, documentation relating to the 2014 tender for the lease and operation of the Resort and since late 2014 Council's operation of the site as TreEscape Park.Part
PSC2015-0036924.02.2015Records relating to complaints, road maintenance or construction performed between Port Stephens and Sturgeon Streets from May 2014 to present.Part
PSC2014-0427213.01.2015The names of the four person review panel, meeting records relevant to the review and any emails between Council officers and Councillors relating to the review.Part
PSC2013-0431219.02.2014Copies of documents, photographs, tree root damage complaints, test results, guttering plans etc for the period January 2001 to 17th September 2013.Part
PSC2014-0161512.06.2014Records relating to construction, maintenance and repair of the footpath in Adelaide Street, Raymond Terrace, in the vicinity of Sketchley's Cottage, as well as all complaints received between January 2011 and December 2013.Part
PSC2013-0533220.12.2013Copies of all records held in respect of a fall in Gowrie Street in November 2011 including maintenance records in respect of footpath areas.Part
PSC2013-0327827.08.2013All documents relating to work carried out on Wallaroo Road, East Seaham between 1 January 2007 and 31 December 2012.Part
PSC2013-0464528.11.2013Copies of all records held by Council relating to trips, falls, slips or other similar incidents of pedestrians on the footpath grate walkway from July 2011 to October 2013.Part
PSC2013-0204412.06.2013Copies of all documents in Council's possession relating to accident between motor vehicle and animals.Full
PSC2013-0011924.01.2013All documents relating to a road or opening of a road from Nelson Bay Road down to a sand mine located within Lot 218 DP 1044608.Full
PSC2012-0277302.10.2012Seeking details of a GIPA applicant.Full
PSC2010-0434612.08.2012Request for copies of documents relating to an incident at Birubi Beach on 4 July 2010.Full
PSC2011-0389927.06.2012All documents including memorandums, files notes, emails, letters, reports, investigations relating to road and drainage works in Dixon St and Warren St Seaham between February 2009 and September 2011.Part
PSC2010-0615412.04.2012Information relating to the advertisement by Council in the NSW Government Gazette dated 18 May 2007 and 19 August 2005 listing the land to be offered for sale by public auction. Information requested includes an updated schedule showing the amounts which are now held by Council as a creditor for each landowner following a deduction from the sale proceeds for unpaid rates and charges.Full
PSC2011-0089510.03.2011Seeking to inspect any approvals for Banksia Grove Village.Full
PSC2010-0608205.01.2011Correspondence from the NSW Department of Planning regarding Kings Hill.Full