Level 1 Item Live
Level 2 Item Community
Level 3 Item Annual awards
Level 3 Item Building our community
Level 4 Item Advisory Panels and Committees
Level 3 Item Grants and funding
Level 4 Item My Incredible Place Micro Grant Fund
Level 4 Item Vibrant Spaces Fund
Level 4 Item Financial assistance
Level 4 Item Evening Economy Fund
Level 4 Item Community Event Development Fund
Level 4 Item Major Event Sponsorship Fund
Level 4 Item International Women's Day Scholarship
Level 4 Item Mayoral Academic Scholarships
Level 3 Item Community directory
Level 4 Item Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
Level 4 Item Arts and heritage
Level 4 Item Community services
Level 4 Item Disability
Level 4 Item Emergency accommodation and temporary housing
Level 4 Item Emergency services
Level 4 Item Employment, education and schools
Level 4 Item Environment and natural resources
Level 5 Item Fly Point Nature Reserve Group
Level 4 Item Families and children
Level 4 Item Government
Level 4 Item Health including mental health
Level 4 Item Seniors
Level 4 Item Sport, leisure and recreation
Level 4 Item Transport
Level 4 Item Wildlife
Level 4 Item Youth
Level 3 Item Community safety
Level 3 Item Our community
Level 4 Item Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
Level 4 Item Seniors
Level 4 Item People with a disability
Level 4 Item Young people
Level 2 Item Environment and sustainability
Level 3 Item Sustainability and climate change
Level 3 Item Coastal management
Level 3 Item Weeds and pests
Level 4 Item Priority weeds
Level 4 Item Protecting Port from weeds
Level 4 Item Pest animals
Level 4 Item Your responsibilities
Level 3 Item Wildlife
Level 2 Item Emergencies
Level 3 Item Get ready for an emergency
Level 3 Item What to do during an emergency
Level 3 Item Recovering after an emergency
Level 3 Item Key links
Level 3 Item Bushfire management
Level 2 Item Library
Level 3 Item Become a member
Level 3 Item Find your nearest library
Level 3 Item eLibrary
Level 3 Item Community programs and events
Level 3 Item Children's programs and events
Level 3 Item Seed Library
Level 3 Item Raymond Terrace Art Space
Level 2 Item Services
Level 3 Item Animals and pets
Level 3 Item Projects and works
Level 3 Item Cemeteries
Level 4 Item How to purchase
Level 4 Item Cemetery requirements
Level 3 Item Roads
Level 4 Item Road closures and maintenance
Level 4 Item Parking in Port Stephens
Level 4 Item Road safety
Level 4 Item Safe transport of loads
Level 4 Item Driveway construction
Level 4 Item Public infrastructure (road reserves)
Level 3 Item Rates
Level 4 Item Pay your rates and FAQs
Level 4 Item Current Rate Categories and Charges
Level 3 Item Rubbish and recycling
Level 4 Item A-Z of waste
Level 4 Item Waste services
Level 4 Item Kerbside collection
Level 4 Item Waste facilities
Level 4 Item Illegal dumping and littering
Level 2 Item Thrive kids
Level 3 Item Family Day Care
Level 4 Item Request for care
Level 4 Item Becoming an educator
Level 3 Item Outside School Hours Care
Level 3 Item Vacation Care
Level 3 Item Mobile Preschool
Level 1 Item Work
Level 2 Item Careers at Port Stephens Council
Level 3 Item Apprentices, trainees and cadets
Level 3 Item How to apply
Level 3 Item Why work with us
Level 3 Item Work experience
Level 3 Item Volunteers
Level 4 Item Volunteer with us
Level 4 Item Information for our volunteers
Level 2 Item Commercial operators on Council land
Level 2 Item Commercial properties for lease and sale
Level 2 Item Economic development
Level 3 Item COVID-19 business support
Level 3 Item Business events calendar
Level 3 Item Invest in Port Stephens
Level 3 Item Economic statistics
Level 3 Item Join the BizLink network
Level 3 Item Economic Development and Tourism strategy
Level 2 Item Operating your business
Level 3 Item Advertising in Port Stephens
Level 3 Item Easy to do Business
Level 3 Item Hairdressing, beauty and tattooing
Level 3 Item Manufactured Home Estates and Caravan Parks
Level 3 Item Start and operate a food business
Level 3 Item Underground petroleum storage systems
Level 2 Item Doing business with Council
Level 3 Item Tenders
Level 3 Item Contractors
Level 3 Item Tips for doing business with us
Level 1 Item Play
Level 2 Item Recreation in Port Stephens
Level 3 Item Aquatic and leisure
Level 3 Item Beaches and foreshores
Level 4 Item Dinghy, kayak and canoe storage
Level 3 Item Parks and reserves
Level 3 Item Skate and BMX parks
Level 3 Item Sporting facilities and councils
Level 4 Item Sports councils
Level 3 Item Cycling and dog park maps
Level 4 Item Cycleways
Level 4 Item Dog park maps
Level 2 Item Events
Level 3 Item Event calendar
Level 3 Item Hosting an event in Port Stephens
Level 4 Item Commercial Filming in Port Stephens
Level 4 Item Weddings and ceremonies
Level 3 Item Access Tent
Level 2 Item Tourism
Level 3 Item Visitor Information
Level 3 Item Beachside Holiday Parks
Level 3 Item Port Stephens Koala Sanctuary
Level 2 Item Culture in Port Stephens
Level 3 Item Port Stephens Cultural Plan
Level 3 Item Public art
Level 2 Item History in Port Stephens
Level 3 Item Aboriginal history
Level 3 Item Landmarks and villages
Level 3 Item Mariners Walk Heritage Trail
Level 4 Item MW2 - The Cromarty family and the Naval Base lands
Level 4 Item MW3 - Wanda Wanda Headland
Level 4 Item MW4 - Lady Nelson
Level 4 Item MW5 - Captain Cook & Other Mariners
Level 4 Item MW6 - Salamander Bay Naval history
Level 4 Item MW7 - Mambo Wetlands
Level 3 Item Tanilba Bay Walk
Level 3 Item The early settlers
Level 1 Item Grow
Level 2 Item Building and construction
Level 3 Item Building certification
Level 3 Item Fire safety
Level 3 Item Home renovations
Level 4 Item Asbestos
Level 3 Item Onsite sewage management
Level 3 Item Swimming Pools
Level 3 Item Development Industry Resources
Level 4 Item Standard drawings
Level 4 Item Subdivision works certificates
Level 4 Item Subdivision with public infrastructure (or over 10 lots)
Level 2 Item Development applications
Level 3 Item Development application process
Level 3 Item Lodge your development application online
Level 3 Item Development application enquiries
Level 3 Item Development application FAQs
Level 3 Item Types of development
Level 3 Item Urban Design Panel
Level 2 Item Development Controls, LEP and Plans
Level 3 Item Development Control Plan
Level 3 Item Local Environmental Plan
Level 3 Item Local infrastructure contributions
Level 3 Item Open space and recreation planning
Level 3 Item Pathway plans
Level 2 Item Land, environment and heritage
Level 3 Item Biodiversity credits
Level 3 Item Heritage
Level 4 Item Further Information, Assistance, Benefits and Advice
Level 3 Item Flooding
Level 4 Item Development in Flood Prone Areas
Level 4 Item Floodplain Advisory Panel
Level 4 Item Flood Certificates
Level 4 Item Flooding and drainage FAQs
Level 4 Item Flood Prone Land Mapping
Level 4 Item Floodplain Management Program
Level 4 Item Hydrologic Soil Mapping
Level 3 Item Bushfire zone maps
Level 3 Item Environmental Plans and Strategies
Level 4 Item Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management
Level 4 Item Foreshore Management Plan
Level 4 Item Hunter Estuary CZMP
Level 4 Item NSW biodiversity reforms
Level 4 Item Port Stephens & Myall Lakes Estuary Plan
Level 4 Item Raymond Terrace Flying-Fox Camp Mgmt Plan
Level 4 Item Coastal Management Program
Level 3 Item Trees in Port Stephens
Level 2 Item Port Stephens planning strategies
Level 3 Item Local Strategic Planning Statement
Level 3 Item Community Engagement Strategy
Level 3 Item Smart City strategy
Level 3 Item Liveability Index
Level 2 Item Local Area Planning Strategies
Level 3 Item Anna Bay Strategy and Town Plan
Level 3 Item Fern Bay and North Stockton Strategy
Level 3 Item Karuah Growth Strategy
Level 3 Item Medowie Planning Strategy
Level 3 Item Nelson Bay Strategy
Level 3 Item Raymond Terrace and Heatherbrae Strategy
Level 3 Item Williamtown DAREZ Land Use Strategy
Level 1 Item Your Council
Level 2 Item COVID-19
Level 3 Item Our response
Level 3 Item Changes to facilities and services
Level 3 Item COVID-19 community support
Level 2 Item About Council
Level 3 Item Council meetings and minutes
Level 4 Item Council agendas, documents and minutes 2021
Level 4 Item Council Minutes 2006 to 2020
Level 5 Item Council Minutes 2020
Level 5 Item Council Minutes 2019
Level 5 Item Council Minutes 2018
Level 5 Item Council Minutes 2017
Level 5 Item Council Minutes 2016
Level 5 Item Council Minutes 2015
Level 5 Item Council Minutes 2014
Level 5 Item Council Minutes 2013
Level 5 Item Council Minutes 2012
Level 5 Item Council Minutes 2011
Level 5 Item Council Minutes 2010
Level 5 Item Council Minutes 2009
Level 5 Item Council Minutes 2008
Level 5 Item Council Minutes 2007
Level 5 Item Council Minutes 2006
Level 3 Item Mayor and Councillors
Level 3 Item Our organisation
Level 4 Item Vision, purpose and values
Level 4 Item Executive management
Level 4 Item Industry awards
Level 4 Item Audit Committee
Level 4 Item Councillor Development Program
Level 3 Item Access to information
Level 4 Item Complaints handling
Level 4 Item Disclosure log
Level 4 Item Government contracts
Level 3 Item Electoral information
Level 4 Item Council wards and boundaries
Level 3 Item Citizenship ceremonies
Level 3 Item Port Stephens Sister Cities
Level 3 Item Requests for compensation
Level 2 Item News
Level 3 Item Email Newsletters
Level 4 Item Subscribe to PSToday
Level 2 Item Public exhibition
Level 2 Item Port Stephens profile
Level 2 Item Policies, forms and publications
Level 3 Item Policies
Level 3 Item A-Z forms
Level 3 Item Fees and charges
Level 3 Item Publications and Information
Level 4 Item Annual Reports
Level 4 Item Community Satisfaction Survey
Level 4 Item End of Term Report
Level 4 Item Registers
Level 4 Item Six Month Progress Reports
Level 3 Item Integrated Planning and Reporting
Level 2 Item Community venues
Level 3 Item Council Bookings
Level 3 Item Hiring a Hall or Community Centre
Level 2 Item Maps
Level 2 Item Contact us