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Sturgeon Street, Raymond Terrace

ProjectExpected StartExpected CompletionStatusBudgetContribution

Pavement rehabilitation and urban renewal between Swan Street and Glenelg Street

June 2023 August 2023Completed$1.5M950% External Funding

The works are jointly funded by Council and Phase 3 of the Federal Government Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program.

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Project Background:

Sturgeon Street is a local road linking the Raymond Terrace town centre to residential areas and Raymond Terrace Public School. It is used by pedestrians and vehicles (including school buses).

The current pavement consisted of a narrow sealed section along the full length of road with unsealed pavement between edge of seal and kerb on both sides of the road. Average width of sealed pavement is 5.5-6m and average width of unsealed pavement is 8m each side of road. Transition from sealed to unsealed pavement has led to accelerated pavement deterioration and damaged shoulders.

Rehabilitating and upgrading this section of Sturgeon Street has improved safety and access for all road users and provided a level of service expected by the surrounding community.

Project Aims:

Improve the condition of the existing road infrastructure, formalise the roadside parking areas and improve safety for road users and pedestrians (refer to the below map of works completed).

Project Scope:
  • Rehabilitate the road pavement
  • Formalise the parking areas with an asphalt surface and linemarking
  • Implement tree protection measures to retain the tree lined streetscape
  • Improve stormwater catchment in the road reserve
  • Improve the traffic and refuge island arrangements at Sturgeon Street, Swan Street, and Jacaranda Avenue intersection