Raymond Terrace high pedestrian activity area

Expected start monthExpected completion monthStatusBudgetContribution
April 2023May 2023Scheduled$430kExternal funding 100

Project background

Raymond Terrace is a regional centre within the Hunter Region. Substantial growth of the surrounding area has seen expansion of the town centre for goods, services and traffic.

The original high pedestrian activity area (HPAA) created in 1995 covered one block of Raymond Terrace town centre, adjacent to the Pacific Highway prior to bypassing the town centre in 1998. Crashes are occurring at the perimeter of the existing zone and expansion has been highlighted in the strategic plan for a reduced speed limit to improve pedestrian connectivity and safety.

Recent plans to enhance livability and commercial activity in the town centre has highlighted connectivity and safety concerns and a desire to revitalize the historical river sections of town to link with more developed commercial areas.

Project aims and objectives

  1. HPAA installation/extension to improve pedestrian and vehicle interaction in the Raymond Terrace Town Centre
  2. Improving roundabout approaches to slow vehicles down
  3. Town centre identification to visitors

Project scope

Extend area of existing HPAA in Raymond Terrace town centre to include the following streets

  • William Street (extension of existing)
  • Port Stephens Street (extension of existing)
  • Glenelg Street (extension of existing)
  • Jacaranda Avenue
  • Bourke Street
  • King Street
  • Hunter Street

Sign adjustments and installation plan